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As TaleMed's West Coast Sr. Recruitment Specialist, I have the pleasure of finding outstanding RNs with a talent for medicine, to help achieve their unique goals of travel nursing whilst filling the pressing vacancies of hospitals across the country.

I have been recruiting for 17 years now, the last 13 years spent recruiting travel nurses, and I love what I do! 

Making sure my nurses are happy has always my #1 ultimate goal. Receiving phone calls full of positive feedback and joyful feelings about assignments is what I aim for! From the start I strive to ensure that my nurses feel knowledgeable and well-informed about the ins and outs of travel nursing. I guarantee competitive pay packages presented at max earnings, with no need for negotiations. I strategize to get my nurses interviewed and offered in our competitive climate, and I seek ways to reduce any stress along the way. I keep a keen eye on weekly timesheets and reports to make sure paychecks are always correct and on time, and I make myself available throughout the entire experience so that my nurses know that I’m there for them every step of the way! All the above in addition to timely correspondence, being supportive, and staying on top of things are my prime areas of focus to provide the most satisfying travel nursing experiences possible. And I feel lucky to be a part of it all! Enriching my RN's worlds with these new and exciting adventures is what makes my daily work so gratifying.

When not at work, I love spending time with my hubby Pete and identical twin sons Hunter & Silas. I do my best to soak up every minute with my kiddos b/c they're almost 6 years old and growing up so fast! We love playing games of all kinds, jumping around in our trampoline, swimming, coloring, reading.... The list goes on and on :)

Before COVID came about, I also loved weekend family trips Six Flags Magic Mountain, going to the movies, seeing the shows and concerts of my favorite bands, thrift shopping, and trying new foods at new restaurants (sushi being my ultimate favorite!) I look forward to the passing of the pandemic to get back to doing all those things :)

I love being a recruiter because it gives me a daily opportunity to make a positive impact on the lives of the nurses I work with! I'm grateful to be able to take care of my RNs to ensure they enjoy each travel nursing adventure to the fullest. With my guidance and support, I aim to diminish any career-related concerns so full focus can be placed on patient care and getting the very most out of assignments :) My philosophy is to take excellent care of my nurses while they take excellent care of others!

I look forward to meeting the next member of the TaleMed family, so please don't hesitate to reach out to me directly and all the best!


Triage Staffing
Omaha, NE

At Triage, we prefer to be real. Real about expectations--both ours and yours. Real about how a decision you make today could affect your tomorrows. Real about how compensation actually works. Real about how great-– or grating--your next supervisor may be.

Being real allows everyone at Triage to be ready. Ready to serve you with real honesty. So if that gig near the ocean is really no day at the beach, or that third shift comes with a second-class rate, we tell you. So you can be ready, too.

  • We staff all four major divisions of acute care – nursing, lab, radiology, and rehab therapy
  • One point of contact for both travelers and facilities (per division)
  • In-house compliance and accounting specialists
  • On-staff clinical liaisons
  • Mentoring program that is run and managed by actual clinicians – yeah, you read that right
  • And more (because of course there’s more)

Are we the biggest? No. Are we the best? That’s rather subjective, but we’re trying to be. Will we work like hell to get you as close to your idea of heaven as possible? Yes. Yes, we will.


In 2021, Triage and TaleMed merged to become better together under the Triage name.


September 27, 2018

by Aryan

I worked with Lana with her first company who was recommended to me by a good friend. A change of scenery for Lana had me go with a back up recruiter from her original company after she moved, while later I signed through one more recruiter and agency after going across country with my girlfriend’s company. Now, we have BOTH signed with Lana because no one compares to how genuine, hardworking, loyal, professional, and personable she is. Authenticity and communication is key to building relationships and her ratings speak for themselves. She has had my back since day one and I can trust her finding me the jobs I prefer and the wages I’m looking for. I am committed with Lana and Talemed as long as I continue to travel. You rock Lana!

September 27, 2018

by Emily

This is my first assignment with Lana and I could not be happier with her as my recruiter! She is fabulous with communication and always keeps me well updated! Lana is also super personable, efficient, and goes above and beyond, more so than any recruiter I've had thus far.

September 27, 2018

by Emily

This is my first assignment with Lana and I could not be happier with her as my recruiter! She is fabulous with communication and always keeps me well updated! Lana is also super personable, efficient, and goes above and beyond, more so than any recruiter I've had thus far.

September 26, 2018

by Salomey Agyemang

Lana is truly the best recruiter I've encountered! I've been traveling for about a year now and a good friend introduced me to her when I first started but my current contract is the first I've done with Lana. I am the type of person who wants to be over-informed and even before I agreed to an assignment with her she was patient in educating me on what to look for in an assignment, talking me through pay packages, and providing me all the info I needed to understand this field and make the best choice without trying to push me into a decision like some other recruiters do. She lets you know from the jump that she is truly on your side, in your corner, here for you! All through this assignment I'm on she has been checking in on me, making sure the hospital is treating me well and answering any questions I have. She is so accessible and communicates more than I do lol, and I appreciate that so much! I have been blessed to work with her and look forward to many more assignments with her and Talemed.

September 26, 2018

by Kara

Lana is so awesome! She is the type of recruiter that doesn’t want to place you wherever just to get paid! She really cares about where you go, and just wants you to be happy and get the most bang for your buck. She has a lot of experience in the field, so she’s a great resource as well! I’ll definitely be sticking with Lana for my travel assignments!
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