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Jorge Magluta

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Plants-Based. Cuban American. World Traveler. Travel Nurse Recruiter. Reader. Adventurer. Spreading Love & Good Vibes.


Filling more than 4,200 vacancies in the last 3 years alone, Jackson Nurse Professionals has been placing Travel Nurses in the jobs they want most for 11 years.

Enjoy the stability and perks of a "permanent" job but, with the freedom to travel and live in your favorite locations from Alaska to Florida. Join our team of Registered Nurses and get the edge on your competition with a 24/7 recruiter who's completely on your team and just a phone call or text away.

Relationship Focused

Jackson Nurse Professionals is Joint Commission Certified in nurse staffing and focuses on building long-term relationships with both clients and registered nurses. Over the years, the nursing industry has changed in countless ways, but our commitment to working with skilled nurses and delivering quality solutions to healthcare facilities nationwide, has not.


August 28, 2015

by Erin

Committing to my first travel assignment was a BIG deal to me. I had already been speaking with 2 other travel companies when Jorge and I spoke for the first time. Even though I applied at 1030 at night, he called me right away! He never stops working for his clients!! He gave me all the info I needed for the first day and there were NO SURPRISES. Being a professional, I am very organized and hold my expectations high of others, he is top notch! Equally organized and very professional. He knows how much we as travel nurses are relying on him for placement and comfort in making commitments to the unknown. I would HIGHLY recommend Jorge as a recruiter! I'm looking forward to continuing my professional relationship as my recruiter with him.

August 28, 2015

by Barbara Owens

I have been working with Jorge Magluta for just over a year. Without his support, expertise, and professionalism, I don't think I would've survived my first assignment. He is always available for advice and help in both professional and personal aspects of my career. Knowing that his trust and confidence are behind me has helped strengthen my ability as a nurse. My current assignment just extended 8 weeks, bringing the length to 10 months, a feat that would not be possible without Jorge's strong managerial skills. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Jorge and am looking forward to continuing our professional relationship.

August 29, 2015

by Sherri (George) O'Neil-Conrad

I was looking for a job that was both rewarding and full-filling. I started looking online for a traveling nurse position. I was approached by several companies but it was Jorge's personality and intelligence that captured my interest. I was instantly excited about the possibilities that Jackson Professional Nurses and Jorge laid out for me. I had been interested in traveling as a nurse since I started my career twenty plus years ago. I decided when my children were grown to pursuit a traveling career. Jorge has been instrumental in obtaining contracts and housing for me through these last few years. I would recommend Jorge to any nurse interested in traveling around the country to work in their chosen profession of nursing.

August 30, 2015

by Ron Clocker

Jorge has been fantastic. Answering any questions with lightening speed. I was really nervous about taking my fist assignment all most a year ago. Jorge walked me through the entire process. He's there anytime I need him. Thanks for everything Jorge, Your the greatest.

August 31, 2015

by Dory Hall

I have been working with Jorge for a year and a half and he had been amazing! He has always listened to my preferences and gotten me jobs within those specifications. If I had a problem or a question he was available right away and did everything in his power to make sure I was ok. He even has checked in with me at the beginning of each assignment to see how everything is going. He is a great recruiter!
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