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Matt Haack

Health Providers Choice

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Matt graduated from Ferris State University with a degree in Sports Marketing and worked at Google before joining the team at Health Providers Choice. He describes himself as outgoing, highly motivated, and extremely competitive. Matt is an avid chess player, an animal lover, and has played hockey since childhood. He also enjoys doing charity work for substance abuse and local schools.


Health Providers Choice
Rochester Hills, MI

Nurse founded in 2003, Health Providers Choice (HPC) quickly established itself as a respected leader in the staffing industry for travel nursing. We are a national staffing agency—providing jobs in nursing for all specialties and job types including travel contract nursing, local contract nursing and per diem nursing. Proud to be Joint Commission certified, we are committed to excellence for our clients and the dedicated staff that we employ for them. Following our guiding principles of Teamwork, Quality, Gratitude, Professionalism and Longevity, is a tried and true way of continually exceeding industry standards in employee retention rates, contract extension rates, and employee and client referral. This allows us to employ the highest quality of nursing professionals and provide service excellence.


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