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Magnet Medical
Omaha, NE

  We are new and nimble!  Even though our company is new we have over 30 years of experience in the Healthcare Staffing world. We have taken all the exceptional things we’ve learned over the years and put them into Magnet MEdical.  We are committed to providing the best Quality, Care, Service and Support to those who are providing care to the patients.  We work with Hospitals and Skilled Nursing Facilities across all 50 states. We can’t do our jobs without you so let’s work together to help you meet all of your goals! 

  We have recently merged two staffing companies to create Magnet Medical which allows us to offer more opportunities to our travelers!

Modalities we staff:

  • Registered Nurses
  • PT's and PTA's
  • OT's and COTA's
  • SLP
  • Surgical Tech's
  • Sterile Processing Tech's
  • CNA's

Since we are new and nimble, we are not set in our ways so that we can be flexible to our candidate and client needs. We are here when you need us!


February 24, 2020

by Jeremy Hoffman

Jason has outperformed at least 10 recruiters in my short 2 years in travel nursing. No BS. best pay! You go to work, do your job and you can count on Jason doing his. Highly recommended. And lookin forward to 5+ career in travel nursing with him!

February 24, 2020

by Brian Vailes

Two years ago, I ended my relationship with Trustaff because I had heard good things about Vital Healthcare in general, and Jason Ross specifically. I "jumped Ship", but stayed at the same hospital initially, and enjoyed a substantial increase in compensation. Several times in the interim, I have been offered positions by other agencies, but I have stayed with Vital because Jason has always had my back. I have traveled over a decade. I know the difference. For all the right reasons, I'm sticking with Jason Ross and Vital Healthcare.

February 24, 2020

by Janeen

Jason is a wonderful recruiter and very trustworthy! I have bee working with him for the last year and a half at different hospitals in CA and he hasn't steered me wrong! He is very responsive with any concerns and handles all matter or questions in a timely fashion. I have also recommended Jason to other family and friend because I know he won't steer them wrong either!

February 24, 2020

by Hamza Alasad

Great honest straightforward professional recruiter. Jason is standing by miles different in this business.

February 24, 2020

by Yoruba Gary

Jason Ross is an excellent recruiter. He was recommended to me by a former co-worker and I couldn't be more satisfied and happier! He is very professional, prompt, thorough and thoughtful. Jason is very easy to talk to and is always available whenever I have questions or need assistance. He definitely represents the professionalism of Vital Healthcare Staffing.
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