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Michael Goodman

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I am a National Recruiter that works with all allied health, nursing professionals, and a natural aptitude for identifying and recruiting high caliber talent.  I find amazing professionals and present them with amazing opportunities, this all begins with us having a conservation. I will then work hard to present you with new opportunities until we find you the right fit. I look forward to hearing from you and answering any questions you have


Protocol Agency
Calabasas, CA

Nursing your career: isn’t it time to join Protocol?

Get the career growth opportunities and independence you deserve with Protocol. As one of the largest providers of healthcare services we work with you to reach your goals both personally and professionally. We are committed to the care and improvement of human lives and strive daily to deliver top talent so as to uphold that very high level of commitment. 

Why Travel Nurses Choose Protocol

With Protocol you’ll have opportunities to work in some of the nation’s leading facilities, learn new skills, train on new technology and more. While you are advancing your career, you will also enjoy the many benefits of being a healthcare traveler. Best of all, you’ll make lasting friendships with other passionate health professionals wherever you go.

Across the country travel nurses are in high demand. Put your skills to work with Protocol and earn the career you deserve. We’ll provide you with the support, priority scheduling, top-notch hospitals and high quality amenities to help you get the best locations for you. And who knows, it just might lead to the job of your dreams.

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