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As a Travel Nurse Recruiter, I get to work with some of the smartest and hardest working people across the country. Helping nurses grow in their careers and informing them about great new opportunities at some of the best Universities, Hospitals, and Medical facilities accross the country is truly gratifying. I LOVE what I do and being able to help a healthcare professional land a new job or helping them find their next travel adventure is so personally rewarding. 

I grew up in the Northeast, but I have lived in Florida, California and now I call New York my home. I enjoy exploring New York City and all the great things that it has to offer. I also enjoy running, playing Frisbee in Central Park, traveling, and most importantly spending time with my family and raising my daughter. Travel with Noor! 


Noor Staffing Group
New York, NY

Noor Staffing Group, NSG Healthcare, is a premier staffing agency, focused on Local and Travel Nursing and Allied Staffing and Recruiting.

Noor Staffing Group Healthcare presents high-paying contract opportunities in top-ranked facilities across the USA. We also offer full-service packages that include housing in generous contract offerings for Nursing and Allied Professionals.

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January 31, 2020

by Kecia

I have been a travel/agency nurse for many years. Danny Rios is the best recruiter I have dealt with. He is kind, compassionate and always available. He would always drop a text just to say hello even when I was off assignment. He truly had my best interest at heart and he truly enjoys what he does. He is communicative and honest which is so important when embarking on a new assignment. I wish more recruiters were like Danny!!

January 28, 2020

by Bretta

Danny is an angel! He's communicative, supportive, highly motivated to answer all questions/concerns quickly and efficiently, and is someone I trust without doubt. He's always honest and goes above and beyond to make sure I'm prepared and comfortable. Best recruiter ever!

January 27, 2020

by Rey

It was indeed a pleasure and privilege to have worked with Danny as my recruiter. As a new travel nurse, Danny guided me through the process with such professionalism and honesty. He was very accommodating and follows through with concerns regarding contracts. I easily developed trust in him for being reliable during the recruitment process. I would be glad to work again with Danny.

January 27, 2020

by Robyn White

Danny was my first and only recruiter. He handled everything for me with such care and professionalism. I trust him wholeheartedly his compassion was palpable in all that he has done for me I am truly happy to have worked with him for as long as I did my days will not be the same without his guidance but I know he is only a text away!

January 27, 2020

by Natalie Farquharson

One of your recruiters Danny is very caring and reliable. He knows how to put me in places where I feel like I’m a good fit and feel comfortable. He also cares very much about the people that he is recruiting. I can tell that he thoroughly enjoys what he is doing.
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