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I am a passionate Healthcare Recruiter who loves to help my nurses find the assignment that fits their wants and needs. I earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree and studied communication, public relations, and marketing while at Oakland University which helps me connect with my nurses on a much deeper level. In order to find out what my nurses are really looking for in their traveling career, I like to know what their future plans are so that I can help them every step of the way.

My compassionate nature and natural ability to want to help shows through in the way I dedicate myself to my healthcare employees. Long lasting relationships and integrity are the backbone of my guiding principles which align perfectly with HPC's core values of Teamwork, Integrity, Gratitude, Quality, Longevity, and Professionalism. The gratitude I receive from my nurses is the highest compliment, and I look forward to advocating for my nurses anytime they are in need. I love to work with first time travel nurses because I like to guide them in a way where they know they can always come to me for support, and I especially know the importance of how a great recruiter can shape a nurse's view of the traveling industry. This is a great time to be a travel nurse and I'd love to assist in any aspects of the traveling experience. You are not just a number to me. Every healthcare employee I work with is respected, valued, and I will let you know that you are a very important member of the award-winning HPC team! 


Health Providers Choice
Rochester Hills, MI

Nurse founded in 2003, Health Providers Choice (HPC) quickly established itself as a respected leader in the staffing industry for travel nursing. We are a national staffing agency—providing jobs in nursing for all specialties and job types including travel contract nursing, local contract nursing and per diem nursing. Proud to be Joint Commission certified, we are committed to excellence for our clients and the dedicated staff that we employ for them. Following our guiding principles of Teamwork, Quality, Gratitude, Professionalism and Longevity, is a tried and true way of continually exceeding industry standards in employee retention rates, contract extension rates, and employee and client referral. This allows us to employ the highest quality of nursing professionals and provide service excellence.


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