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This career is not easy either being a traveler or a recruiter. Some people might make it look easy but there is a lot that goes into the back end of travel. It’s important to find a recruiter you can have open and honest conversations with because we know life has it’s own plans sometimes. Maybe Airbnb messed something up on housing, something at the lab is taking longer or even better the lab lost your sample all together. You can’t stop these things from happening but when they do it’s important to have a recruiter to call and talk things out regarding solutions and coming up with a plan. If you don’t have this type of relationship I would urge you to talk with other recruiters till you find one that “gets you”.


Prime Time Healthcare is a dedicated staffing firm specializing in Travel Nursing, Permanent Placement, temp to perm, and per diem. Won Best Place to Work in Omaha 3 years in a row! Join the fun, and experience why healthcare professionals and client facilities are joining the Prime Time Team!

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