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Mary Turner

Gifted Healthcare

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Recruiting isn't a job to me, but more of a relationship builder. Each day I get to see how many new people I get to gain and earn their trust and most importantly help them get to where they want to be.

I am a dedicated and hardworking nurse advocate helping individuals pursue their dreams or goals they seek in their career path. I have been working in the Healthcare Industry in various manners for over 10 years and am always excited by a new challenge. The thing you will love most about me is accessibility and transparency.


Gifted Healthcare
Metairie, LA

GIFTED Healthcare is an agency created to support nurses. We provide exceptional career opportunities for RNs with Travel, Per Diem, Government, and LTAC contracts.


GIFTED Nurses are paired with recruiters who work tirelessly to find them the perfect assignment. We place them in premier facilities and provide premium pay packages designed to fit their needs. Plus, all GIFTED Nurses have access to excellent benefits and professional resources.


Our work is guided by decades of experience in the healthcare industry, and our relationships are built with integrity and compassion. We don’t just provide jobs for nurses; we help nurses thrive, so that healthcare facilities and patients do, too.


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