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Adela Rikalo

Fusion Medical Staffing

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Hey! I started working for Fusion less than a year ago! Wow - I found my dream career! I have always wanted to be able to help others and I knew I couldnt handle the medical field. So when the opportunity to work for Fusion was brought to my attention - of course I jumped on it right away! I love knowing that I work with others who truly make a difference in this world! 

My favorite part about my job is meeting new people and truly seeing the world through all of you! I love living bicurously through my travelers and adding a new group of friends to my circle! I know traveling can be scary, I also understand that at the beginning you talk to a stranger through the phone but I'm here to make things easier for you guys! I promise to be upfront and honest from the beginning and I will ALWAYS have your best interest at heart when searching for the RIGHT position for you! 

Outside of work I am a full time mommy to my Threenager daughter, Leila! Boy does she keep me busy! She loves dance, climbing on anything high that gives me heart attacks and she loves to eat chocolate (and yes! Sometimes for breakfast, and yes, I let her because.. WHY NOT). 

Wanna get to know me on a personal level??? - 

Here are a couple facts about me that I don't usually tell people - 

1. corn is my FAVORITE FOOD! 

2. I speak 3 different languages 

3. My biggest fear is accidently taking the wrong exit on the interstate and driving on a road to nowhere (yeah! Just like the scary movies show)

4. I am a first degree black belt in Taishin Karate 

5. My favorite tree is the Cherry Blossom Tree 

6. I have visited 8 different countries 


Fusion Medical Staffing provides career opportunities to healthcare professionals by helping medical facilities fill their staffing needs. Fusion staffs a variety of specialties within the nursing and allied healthcare fields. We offer competitive pay packages and benefits that travelers deserve. We pride ourselves on our communication skills, accurate job transparency and traveler-first mentality. At Fusion, you can actually choose your own adventure!  


Specialty fields:

  • Cardiopulmonary
  • Cath Lab
  • Laboratory
  • Long Term Care
  • Nursing
  • Nursing Home Health
  • Radiology
  • Therapy


Fusion's purpose is to ensure that everyone we touch has a better life. We strive to be humble, driven and positive in all our actions!


5,456 jobs from Fusion Medical Staffing

PICU RN New York

ER RN New Berlin

Med/Surg RN New Bern

Pre/Post RN Daly City

OR RN Midland


July 16, 2020

by Sam Schaer

Adela's super easy to talk to, shes funny, energetic and shes my person. She talks me through anything I need to know and helps me with anything I need.

July 16, 2020

by Annie Gribble

Adela has been nothing short of extraordinary. As a first time traveler I need guidance and honest information, both of which she has provided. Her spunky personality made her easy to communicate with on various levels. I highly recommend Adela for anyone new to the travel field or already acclimated!

July 17, 2020

by Evelyn Butler

Adela, from the first time you contacted me, I found you to be amazing, even if it was only by phone. You spoke to me with such a calm demeanor , not pushy. I heard honestly in you voice. Unfortunately, I turned you down, at that time. You however did contact me again as we agreed , this time you reeled me in!. We have had some very good, interesting talks, sharing personal information, about your daughter and my grandson. I remember you saying you were new at this job and I was your 5th client. I remember hearing the excitement in your voice. You have ALWAYS answered my calls,texts, emails promptly. Always have kind, encouraging words. You knew that because of my kids, grandkids, I only wanted to accept local contracts, you came thru for me! I am the lucky, fortunate person. I have a recruiter that listens, that cares, and for that I THANK YOU! As I said, I wish we lived closer so kids could have a play day, as well as the adults. Adela, I will recommend you to any and all who are looking to start traveling.!!! This company saw a very genuine caring, honest person , they are extremely lucky to have you on their team!!!!!!

July 17, 2020

by Josephine Laum

Adela Rikalo my Fusion recruiter is one of the most talented ,resourceful and good hearted person I have ever known, she is very reliable and can handle problems in a fastidious manner. She is a result minded person that can be trusted.

July 18, 2020

by Betty Coscia

Adela is the best recruiter I have had the pleasure of working with! As a new traveler, I couldn’t have landed a recruiter who is truly looking out for my best interests. From day one, she has been nothing but supportive, helping guide me through the process. She is always available to answer my questions, especially when I bother her with job posts from other companies! She’s always searching for prospective contracts for me and we keep in contact weekly. She is a genuine caring person who keeps communication open and honest with her travelers. Words can’t express the gratitude I have for her and our friendship. I would refer her to any traveler who is looking for an awesome recruiter!! Thank you Adela!
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