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Hey! I started working for Fusion less than a year ago! Wow - I found my dream career! I have always wanted to be able to help others and I knew I couldnt handle the medical field. So when the opportunity to work for Fusion was brought to my attention - of course I jumped on it right away! I love knowing that I work with others who truly make a difference in this world! 

My favorite part about my job is meeting new people and truly seeing the world through all of you! I love living bicurously through my travelers and adding a new group of friends to my circle! I know traveling can be scary, I also understand that at the beginning you talk to a stranger through the phone but I'm here to make things easier for you guys! I promise to be upfront and honest from the beginning and I will ALWAYS have your best interest at heart when searching for the RIGHT position for you! 

Outside of work I am a full time mommy to my Threenager daughter, Leila! Boy does she keep me busy! She loves dance, climbing on anything high that gives me heart attacks and she loves to eat chocolate (and yes! Sometimes for breakfast, and yes, I let her because.. WHY NOT). 

Wanna get to know me on a personal level??? - 

Here are a couple facts about me that I don't usually tell people - 

1. corn is my FAVORITE FOOD! 

2. I speak 3 different languages 

3. My biggest fear is accidently taking the wrong exit on the interstate and driving on a road to nowhere (yeah! Just like the scary movies show)

4. I am a first degree black belt in Taishin Karate 

5. My favorite tree is the Cherry Blossom Tree 

6. I have visited 8 different countries 


Fusion Medical Staffing provides career opportunities to healthcare professionals by helping medical facilities fill their staffing needs. Fusion staffs a variety of specialties within the nursing and allied healthcare fields. We offer competitive pay packages and benefits that travelers deserve. At Fusion, you can seriously choose your own adventure!  

Fusion's purpose is to ensure that everyone we touch has a better life. We strive to be humble, driven and positive in all our actions!

Specialty fields:

  • Cardiopulmonary
  • Cath Lab
  • Home Health
  • Laboratory
  • Long Term Care
  • Nursing
  • Radiology
  • Therapy


8,221 jobs from Fusion Medical Staffing



CNA Dodgeville

Med/Surg RN Soldotna



October 26, 2020

by Brittany

I wish I could give Adela more stars. She has been such a great help to me. She was easy to talk to from the first time we spoke. I felt like she actually cared about me and what I want. We have gotten closer through time and I am glad to be able to now call her a friend. Anyone would be lucky to have Adela as their companion throughout the traveling process (beginning to end).

October 25, 2020

by Trevor Dillon

This was my first travel experience and I could not have lucked out anymore than I have with landing an awesome recruiter like Adela. Having her as my recruiter has made my experience much more pleasurable and easy. She not only finds you great assignments, but she makes herself readily available and works extremely hard to provide her travelers with the best experience. I would/will recommend Adela to anyone who is looking into traveling or gaining a dedicated, genuine, respectable recruiter.

October 24, 2020

by Kaleb

Adela is extremely patient, genuine, and supportive. One of the only recruiters I've had that 100% supports me and always has my back. Extremely easy to reach at all times. 10/10 would recommend her to any traveler, new or experienced.

October 24, 2020

by Jacqueline Armentrout

I don't even know where to start with commenting about Adela. I recently started with Fusion, with Adela being my recruiter. From the start she has been the most down to earth, caring individual to make this transition into traveling the greatest experience. She goes above and beyond getting the information you need, whether its information about the position, hospital, decent areas for housing, helping with housing. She makes you a priority to make your transition easy and comfortable, all at the expense of having her own family to take care for. Her professionalism with conducting the contracts and bargaining here say with hospitals is above and beyond. I honestly don't think I could do this without her. She truly looks out for your best interest. I consider her a great friend and would recommend her to anybody. She is truly an asset to her company and field.

October 23, 2020

by Chelsea Moore

Adela is an overall amazing person! She is super helpful and very insightful when it comes to being a recruiter. I enjoy our conversations and she is the real reason I chose Fusion!
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