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Thanks for reading my page! Grew up in a small town in NW Colorado enjoying the outdoors as well as playing highschool sports. Collegiately, graduated with my BSN and after getting some ICU nursing experience began travel nursing. Was blessed with the opportunity to expand my network and work as a recruiter while continuing to practice as a traveling nurse myself.

With my 8 years of experience as a traveler I have learned what nurses truly care about and the pressures that recruiters tend to inadvertently put on travelers. I was a traveler much before I became a recruiter and have nurses' best interest at heart, 100%. 

I'd love to help you in your travel dreams any way I possibly can. From housing to travel to ideal locations...and beyond! I won't send any travelers anywhere I wouldn't go and have plenty of resources all accross the country. Lets do this!


Justin Jacob, RN 

My Hobbies: Anything outdoors! Sports. my "free time" building a cabin in SE Alaska near Sitka. Embodying the Alaskan lifestyle is one of my dreams!



Uniti Med
Omaha, NE

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