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Mark Simon

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Husband. Dad. Animal Lover. Photographer.

I believe in hard work and follow through. I believe respect is earned and must be earned every day. My job is to help you reach your career goals and create the life you want to live. Son of a travel nurse; my philosophy is treat every person I work with the same way I would treat my own mother.

Husband to Jillian. Dad to Benjamin. Fur Dad to Nivea, Carlos, and Stella. Will quote "The Office" more than anyone you know. Big fan of food and craft beer. Former nightclub & live music photographer and Zoo marketing director.


When you join the Fortus team, you become part of our family. And we treat you as one of our own and look out for your best interests. We want you to have access to the resources and support you need to make living on the road feel more like home.

  • Access to the best travel nursing jobs available.
  • 24/7 concierge service to take care of all your needs.
  • A single point of contact for HR, payroll, housing, and transportation.
  • Weekly paycheck.
  • Day 1 Insurance
  • Customized Compensation Packages

We are proud to serve the healthcare community with consistent, quality services while maintaining the highest ethical standards. Through open and honest communication, we analyze and understand the needs of every individual healthcare professional needs, and provide the resources to attain their goals. Our commitment to excellence is demonstrated by sincere dedication to meeting your objectives. We honor and respect your values and concerns and will not compromise your trust, or our integrity. 

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November 08, 2021

by Melanie Sherman

Mark Simon has been amazing ! He has been very responsive, shows great support and guidance throughout my journey as a travel nurse. He always makes sure to go above and beyond and gets me the best possible offers available. Mark also calls right away when he sees a great opportunity on his end for me. I am super happy with Mark as my recruiter. All good things. 👍 🤗

July 02, 2021

by Aja Patterson

Mark Simon is the absolute MOST responsive recruiter I have met thus far. The 1st time he speaks with you he talks to you like a friend you haven’t seen in 10 years that wants to catch up on how life’s treating you and what all of your current goals are so that he can help meet all of your needs to get you there! He stands by his word…if he says he going to do something you better believe he’s going to do it! Jut a great person all around!

May 25, 2021

by Joanne Sarro

I Have been a Travel Nurse for 6 years, and I've been recruited by some very talented Recruiters. However , Mark Simon brings a commitment & professionalism to the role of recruiter that is amazing! He researches every Contract and knows all the important details before he even presents it . He's efficient , and when you tell him what's important for you to have in a Contract , he does everything possible to make sure its there for you! Even after you've signed a Contract , he follows up and wants to know that all is well ! You truly feel like he has your back , and wants you to be Successful! I highly recommend Mark Simon he is a Pleasure to work with , and will be your Best Advocate!!