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Mark Simon

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6 review(s) Sr. Recruiter specializing in travel healthcare talent acquisition.

I work in all 50 states to provide an opportunity for healthcare professionals to meet their professional and personal goals through travel work assignments. As a talent acquisition specialist, my role is to act as your agent and advocate, working to ensure my travelers receive the best possible pay and continue to retain gainful employment, while being supported during tough times. I believe that success is a team effort and a rising tide will raise all ships.

I believe in honesty, transparency, and integrity and feel that it is always the right time to do what is right and moral. I feel that no matter how deep in to "the future" we go, there will always be a need for the human element and a personal touch. Overall, my mission is to help as many people feed their families and pay their bills as possible.



AI and Technology



Home Improvement and Gardening




"Seinfeld" and "The Office"

Husband to my wife Jillian, Dad to my son Benjamin, Fur Dad to Nivea, Carlos, and Stella, Son of a travel nurse.

Why I love to recruit
I love being able to make a difference in people's lives and help provide gainful employment so people can feed their families and pay their bills.

When I'm not working I like to
Work on my home, spend time with my family, take photos, and be creative

Austin, TX

Enhancing Healthcare through Dedicated Humans Powered by Smart Tech 🩺🤝💻

Why Clinical Staff Choose Healthcare?

At Healthcare team is proud of the support and competitive benefits we offer our clinical talent. We recognize the need for personalized packages that meet the lifestyle of our nursing staff, as well as the importance of providing access to resources around the clock, any day, whenever they need us. Clinicians and travelers continue to work with our teams because we’re dedicated to their wellness and success, further lessening the burden and stress on our customer facilities and partners.  

  • Personalized pay packages
  • Day 1 Insurance
  • Licensure and credentials reimbursements are available
  • Weekly Pay
  • 401K Program
  • Clinical support from on-site Clinical Director



May 26, 2022

by Loti Lewis

Mark has been an excellent recruiter! He has made my transition from staff nurse to travel nurse a breeze. He fought hard to get me the best rate possible, has been very attentive to my needs and always available via call or text when needed. Looking forward to a successful career as a travel nurse with Fortus and Mark. He truly cares about his nurses and treats me like family!!!

April 03, 2022

by Marybeth Fuerst

From day one, Mark has made my first travel nursing assignment a successful adventure. I admit I was nervous taking on my first travel assignment but Mark was with me every step of the way , guiding me, finding the perfect assignment. Mark has a huge uplifting personality, and really cares about his clients. If I have a question or concern, I know I can depend on Mark to be there for me anytime day or night. I am looking forward to many more assignments with Mark as my recruiter.

January 12, 2022

by April Brown

Mark has made such a huge impact on my professional and personal life. He works so hard finding positions that are right for me. Since I have started with him, I have been able to purchase my first house and now am able to plan for the future for my daughters careers. Anytime something goes wrong, or right, he is there 24/7. Never had an experience like this and look forward to continuing working with him. Mark always has YOUR best interest in mind. The absolute best!

November 08, 2021

by Melanie Sherman

Mark Simon has been amazing ! He has been very responsive, shows great support and guidance throughout my journey as a travel nurse. He always makes sure to go above and beyond and gets me the best possible offers available. Mark also calls right away when he sees a great opportunity on his end for me. I am super happy with Mark as my recruiter. All good things. 👍 🤗

July 02, 2021

by Aja Patterson

Mark Simon is the absolute MOST responsive recruiter I have met thus far. The 1st time he speaks with you he talks to you like a friend you haven’t seen in 10 years that wants to catch up on how life’s treating you and what all of your current goals are so that he can help meet all of your needs to get you there! He stands by his word…if he says he going to do something you better believe he’s going to do it! Jut a great person all around!
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