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Favorite Healthcare Staffing

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Madison currently has 13 pets which includes one Australian Shepherd, one Holland Lop Rabbit, one California Kingsnake, two Crested Geckos, two Box Turtles, and six Guinea Pigs. She also enjoys playing online video games, and binge-watching TV shows in her free time. Her favorite place that she's traveled to so far has been Newfoundland, Canada! She got to see a moose and her calf on the highway! 


Favorite Healthcare Staffing
Overland Park, KS

Favorite Healthcare Staffing, part of Acacium Group, takes pride in connecting candidates with jobs that fit their unique needs. We place nursing, advanced practice, and allied healthcare professionals in top-rated hospitals, clinics, and physicians’ offices across the country. With thousands of per diem opportunities, local and travel contracts, or permanent and temp-to-perm placement jobs to choose from, our recruiters will help you discover the perfect position for you. Favorite continues to set the industry standard for quality, service, and integrity in healthcare staffing and services. Join the Favorite Family today!


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