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Tinkbird Healthcare Staffing, LLC.

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For more than a decade, TinkBird Healthcare Staffing has placed highly skilled physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, registered nurses and other medical professionals in locum tenens positions and permanent healthcare jobs. Our recruiters are experts in sourcing, screening, qualifying and assessing medical professionals to fill clinical positions for hospitals, clinics and medical practices across the country. We also work directly with practitioners who are seeking rewarding careers in healthcare. Learn more about how Tinkbird can assist you with professional medical recruiting.


TinkBird Healthcare Staffing started out with a focus on locum tenens, travel nursing and permanent medical staffing in the Southeast, but we've expanded our service area to meet the growing demands of our clients across the country.  Today we provide recruiting services to medical practices and facilities nationwide.  We'd love to talk with you about how we can help you find your next great assignment!

 What's a TinkBird?

We get that question a lot!  A long time ago, our name was Carolina Locum Resources.  When we decided to expand beyond North Carolina, we needed a name change to reflect our broader geographic reach.  All the marketing minds spent hours brainstorming, but never landed on just the right name to capture the personality of our company.  Then out of the blue, one of our employees shouted "TinkBird!"  Our founder calls her kids Tink and Birdie, and in that moment we realized our destiny.  We knew TinkBird was a crazy name, but we couldn't get it out of our heads.  That's just what we wanted - a name that is unique, fun-loving and as memorable as we are.  So come join the TinkBird flight crew!


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