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My name is Sourabh and I have been a travel nurse recruiter for 4 years! I LOVE what I do and feel so lucky to work with so many amazing nurses day in and day out. I have so much respect for my nurses, I had no idea how vital they are for a patients experience and care until I started this job. And, let's be honest, YOU are on the front lines!

I have learned so much from my nurses, both personally and professionally. Most of my travelers become friends! I don't just care about your job, I want to know about you and how I can help you reach your goals, and let's be honest, live through your adventures. If you are looking for someone with a goofy sense of humor, who is hard working and will ALWAYS have your back, I am your guy! I am so excited for all of the future travelers!

Cheers to you!


Mindlance Health
Union City, NJ

Mindlance Health is one of the fastest-growing US staffing firm for 9 consecutive years. We focus on Nursing, Allied Health, and Healthcare IT staffing. We are a firm that advocates for mindfulness, balance, inclusion and diversity in the work and in the services that we do.  
With our proven track record and as a recognized leader and innovator in the healthcare staffing industry, we are able to partner with top-tier hospitals and medical institutions nationwide, helping you land a solid and thriving career every time.  
Mindlance Health is a firm driven by people-centric principles placing our clients’ and clinicians’ best interests first with our commitment to:  
• Excellence in contingent healthcare staffing solutions,  
• Long-term thriving partnerships,   
• Above average industry compensation rates   
• Innovative and diverse work cultures   
• An outstanding, high-touch recruitment process.   
At Mindlance Health, we are on a mission to help healthcare travelers be an infectious agent of quality care wherever they go. 
Join us, work with us, be with us — thrive the Mindlance Health Way! 
Explore the possibilities of working with us:  
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