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Cynet Health
Sterling, VA

Your travel nursing adventure begins here. Matching talented nurses like you with high-paying travel jobs at the best facilities across all 50 states. We offer the most competitive pay for every position we fill. We understand this is a partnership. You will have no surprises. Your salary will be discussed upfront and there will be no troubling negotiation tactics. 


January 03, 2022

by Brittany Mann

"My recruiter ruchi has been responsive and has fought to get me the perfect assignment. She was very responsive and gave me her honest opinions about the hospitals I was considering. When I was unsure she had her manager discuss any concerns I had and what I wanted out of this assignment. The on boarding was fairly easy , and they were prompt In letting me know what they needed. Ruchi called to see how my first day went which was very nice of her because usually you don’t hear from a recruiter after you sign a contract. Overall I am very happy."

January 03, 2022

by Alexandra/Allie Mesler

Cynet has been amazing to me as a first time traveling nurse. I am so thankful to my recruiter, Ruchi, for paying such attention to detail with the onboarding process, pay roll, and everything in between. I would highly recommend Cynet!

January 03, 2022

by Michael Puello

From the moment I got in contact with my recruiter Ruchi, the company has been great. The onboarding process was long, but that's was because of the facility I applied to. They have awesome communication with the RNs they work with. What I love the most is that they are always ready and available to help iron out any issues.

January 03, 2022

by Gabriel Knous

What I liked best about working with Cynet was the timely, genuine, and thorough of my recruiter. I felt like he was vested in me and my success and heard my concerns when I had something that needed to be addressed.

January 03, 2022

by Melissa Denson

Ruchi has been an absolute pleasure to work with. Very responsive, very patient, and she keeps her word. This is my first time accepting a travel assignment and she has made it so easy! Thank you Ruchi!