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Khemberly Pilon

Cynet Health

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A Registered Nurse with 6 years of recruiting experience, delivering utmost professional service to healthcare and allied health workers across the US. 

Dedicated recruiter who can provide your needs for a job or preference, give you best options and assistance to find crisis roles within 50 states.


Cynet Health
Sterling, VA

Your travel nursing adventure begins here. Matching talented nurses like you with high-paying travel jobs at the best facilities across all 50 states. We offer the most competitive pay for every position we fill. We understand this is a partnership. You will have no surprises. Your salary will be discussed upfront and there will be no troubling negotiation tactics. 


January 03, 2022

by Olufunke Cole

Cynet health recruiters are attentive to you and work in your best interests. The response time is fast

January 03, 2022

by Kayet Ellis

"Khemberly Is Awesome & extremely helpful! She goes above & beyond for her clients to make sure they feel Comfortable. She’s consistent & understands what the client needs! Highly recommend her a s a recruiter"

January 03, 2022

by Olumide Fagbemi

Very responsive employer