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Alacrity Health

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Alacrity Health


Brisk and cheerful readiness

We work with alacrity to find the next best opportunity for our nurses.

Alacrity Health was founded as a result of a partnership between a physician and a veteran in healthcare recruiting. 

By working together, they share knowledge and management “know-how”. Their combination of drive and industry experience allows us to provide a high level of service to the nurses and clients that we work with. 

We beleive that a job should enhance your life, not BE your life. 

Let us help you find your next dream opportunity. Wether you are looking for a permanent position, a travel assignment, or just to pick up a few shifts on a Per Diem basis, we have you covered. Even if we don’t currently have the perfect opening for you, we are dedicated to working with you to find the position that fits the lifestyle that you want. 


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