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I'm a HR Professional with an extensive background in recruitment and talent acquisition. 

Work for me isn’t just being at the cutting edge of the healthcare industry, but about fostering a community. I’m enthusiastic about gaining new skills, delivering excellence, and enriching the candidate experience while maintaining strong work ethics and honest values.

I’m deeply passionate about the success of my work and committed to pairing healthcare facilities with elite candidates that will make a difference in the lives and well being of others.  


At TeamWorkers Supplemental Staffing, we have both the knowledge and the tools to help YOU begin a career and advance in the vast health care field.

We have the answers to your questions and the capability to help you in your journey to achieving a career in health care.

Many factors are considered in our quest to help you acquire a career in health care, such as your unique experience, history and skill set.  We take the time to find the  career path that’s right for you!

When you embark on a career journey with the help of TeamWorkers, you experience unparalleled benefits and support:

• Being part of an elite team of caregivers who are passionate about quality care
• You’ll always have support and a voice
• Empathy and understanding always lead the way
• You won’t be seen as a revenue generator; we’re here to help you achieve your goals
• You’ll enjoy a flexible schedule
• You’ll enjoy a work-life balance

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