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Bryan comes to recruiting with Plains Medical Staffing with a very diverse professional background.  He spent multiple years in full time church ministry, worked as a sommelier(professional wine expert) in some of the best restaurnts on the planet, before working as the HR director for a home care company.  His driving force every day is remembering that on the other side of every placement is a patient who needs a great nurse.  YOU! "There are things you can teach people, and things you can't.  You can teach a nurse to chart properly, start an IV or any number of the other hundreds of tasks nurses do every day...but you can't teach them to genuinly care about their patients.   I want to work with the nurses who care"  is his mission in recruiting.

Bryan lives in the suburbs of Charleston, SC with his beautiful amazing wife Tiffany(who is a world class chef he met while working in Napa Valley)  and their house full of kids.  Baby number 6 is on the way, and our oldest is only 10!   He is passionate about playing music, reading books, and watching sports, particulalry his beloved Chicago Cubs.  

 Nurses who work nights especially love dealing with Bryan, because he often answers emails and text at 3 or 4 am while awake with the baby.   


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