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Hi there! My name is Meredith O'Donnell, and I have been recruiting in the healthcare space for the past 4 years. I fell into recruiting after graduating from Southern New Hampshire University with my Bachelors Degree in Psychology back in 2018. From there, my passion for assisting nurses in finding the best opportunities took off, and I've never looked back!

I work diligently to ensure that the nurses that I work with can trust that I not only have their best interests at heart, but will advocate for them, support them, and maintain transparency with them. I truly believe that the relationship between a nurse and their recruiter is an important one that should be fostered.

If you're looking for a recruiter who will campaign on your behalf, I'm your girl. If you're looking for a recruiter who will always keep it candid and direct, I've got you. If you're looking for a recruiter who will value you as an individual, as a nurse, and as a collaborator, look no further.

Please feel free to call or text me at any time - 605-610-1231. Look forward to connecting!


Plains Medical Staffing
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August 19, 2022

by Carla E.

Meredith is an excellent recruiter with a beautiful spirit. She has always been very clear about positions and paperwork requirements as well as time lines and other expectations. She has always kept me informed during company and client onboarding processes. She also checks in while on the assignments and is quick to respond when contacted about concerns. She has also been open and honest, explaining things that I did not necessarily understand but I trusted her judgment and expertise. Meredith is truly a genuine, ethical, devoted recruiter who doesn't take what she does lightly. I treasure our working relationship and she has been a blessing to me from day one.