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Hello, My name is Raquel Pfannenstiel, and I am a recruiter / Team Lead in the Nursing Division,  based in Omaha, NE. We staff RN’s, SPT’s & OR Tech’s in travel positions nationwide! We are blowing up with travel positions here, so give me a call any time. I know you have A LOT of agencies to choose from, but when you travel with me and Fusion, you become Family! I am here to help you find the right contract that fits you and helps you make some money while fulfilling your travel dreams! I will strive to build a good working relationship with you so want to work with me contract after contract. I will always do what I can to help you! My travelers are my FIRST priority! My Experience: I have been in the staffing industry for several years, worked for large and smaller companies. I look forward to helping you with YOUR next travel assignment. My Hobbies: I am a Mom of 2 teenage daughters and married to my best friend/Hubby. We do alot of traveling for fun and for our daughters dance competitions and Beauty pageants (no I am not a Crazy Pageant Mom) My life motto is to live life to the fullest and take risks to make life more exciting! “If you say you can’t, you can’t. If you say you can, you CAN!”.


Fusion Medical Staffing provides career opportunities to healthcare professionals by helping medical facilities fill their staffing needs. Fusion staffs a variety of specialties within the nursing and allied healthcare fields. We offer competitive pay packages and benefits that travelers deserve. At Fusion, you can seriously choose your own adventure!  

Fusion's purpose is to ensure that everyone we touch has a better life. We strive to be humble, driven and positive in all our actions!

Specialty fields:

  • Cardiopulmonary
  • Cath Lab
  • Home Health
  • Laboratory
  • Long Term Care
  • Nursing
  • Radiology
  • Therapy


8,492 jobs from Fusion Medical Staffing

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October 25, 2018

by Stephanie Bailey

I’ve been working with Fusion for almost seven years, and have recommended two others to Raquel, I wouldn’t work for any body else, like where I’m at, I’m not as needy as I once was, it takes awhile to adjust to traveling, but Raquel has always been there for me, through thick and thin, wouldn’t know what I’d do without her. Raquel’s the best.🎖

October 17, 2018

by Shawn Gilmore

Raquel is the BEST! I reached out to Raquel towards the end of 2016. I heard so many great things about her via the “Travel” F.B. page that I sought her out specifically on Fusion’s website. I know she has other techs and RN’s she works with but she always makes me feel like I’m NUMBER ONE. She is so good about staying in touch and making sure everything is going well with my assignment. I love her to pieces and she is the most AWESOMEST recruiter ever!!!!

June 16, 2017

by Shannon Bly

When you email Raquel at 11pm not expecting a response until the next day and she responds an hour later.....she definitely has my vote. !!! Great recruiter and great company all around.

June 16, 2017

by Janci

Raquel has taken me under her wing since I started as a traveler.I spoke to many companies, many recruiters but she was different. Our first conversation was over an hour long. She took the time to explain traveling in general and answered my million questions. She then explained what fusion has to offer. My favorite part about that conversation was that it wasn't just about Fusion. It was about me and if traveling was the right step for me and if Fusion was going to be the right company for me. But mostly, that conversation was the start of a great work relationship between me and Raquel. I chose Fusion because of Raquel. She is personable, caring, understanding. On my first week of my first assignment, Raquel called to see how I was doing almost every day. I never felt alone or like she didn't have my back. My favorite part about Raquel is her no-BS approach. If she says she is going to work on something for you, she does it. She doesn't make promises she can't keep. To me, that's what is important in a recruiter. I appreciate Raquel so much and I'm grateful she's been on this journey with me. I would refer her to anyone, especially newbies!! Thank you for all you do and continue to do for me!!!

June 16, 2017

by Robyn Scott

Raquel is the best, I stress at times, due to this I can be short with her but she always manages to solve all my problems, be there for me when I need her and happy every time she picks up that phone.
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