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Hi, I'm Ashley! So a little about me, I'm 37, married to my best friend Justin, have a 3 year old son Elijah, two fur kiddos, Leo Reginold Fluffy Bottom the 3rd (as my son calls him, LeoLeo), and BoBear (aka Bocephus). I’ve been with Republic Health a whopping 7.5 years! I've seen us grow from three recruiters to 30+ and start so many travelers on a journey they will never forget. You will find I truly love what I do, and have fun doing it. Honestly, I'm goofy, laugh at everything, and overall try to make light out of as much as I can. I can talk to pretty much anyone, never met a stranger, and you will find that I'm legitimately an open book. Seriously, ask me anything, I usually tell the story, no matter how ridiculous or embarrassing, and have a killer Dad Joke to follow. This journey we call life is pretty crazy sometimes, but I'm sure glad to be a part of it. Why do what I do? Being a part of so many lives and changing things for the better as a company and for healthcare in general, truly makes my heart fill with joy. Knowing that each member of my team is out there saving lives and making a difference in even MORE peoples lives, especially through this last historic year, I saw more and more of my team jump without question into the fire and literally make the biggest difference this world has ever seen. So you ask why? The people. That's why.


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Andrew C. | RN - RN-ER 5.0

Andrew recommends Ashley to others   ✓
4 months ago

I’ve been through 3 assignments with Ashley now. She is always there to answer questions, give advice or just listen to a rant. I don’t ever want to stop traveling and I can’t imagine anyone but Ashley as my recruiter.

Jill D. | RN - RN-Med/Surg 5.0

Jill recommends Ashley to others   ✓
4 months ago

Ashley is the best! She has been my recruiter for years and I can’t say enough good things. She is direct and responsive, actually pays attention to what I want and has taken the time to get to know me so she doesn’t waste my time (or hers) trying to sell me on jobs that aren’t a good fit.

Cassandra T. | RN - RN - Float Pool 5.0

Cassandra recommends Ashley to others   ✓
5 months ago

Ashley is very easy and transparent with to speak with. Her response time is always prompt. She always follows through. She is honest. Really great person.

Jenifer D. | RN - RN-Ortho 5.0

Jenifer recommends Ashley to others   ✓
3 days ago

Ashley reached out to me after having had no contact from previous recruiter for weeks. Ashley contacted me and has been the absolute best. I think very highly of her.

Claudia C. | RN - RN-ER 5.0

Claudia recommends Ashley to others   ✓
1 month ago

Very knowledgeable, understanding and easy to talk to. She goes above and beyond and finds solutions to any issues you may have.

Megan S. | Allied - CST 5.0

Megan recommends Ashley to others   ✓
1 month ago

She is absolutely amazing and is willing to help me with anything I need! She is very responsive when I have questions and if she don’t know the answer right away she will always find out!



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