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Ashley Harper

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Hi my name is Ashley and I have been in the Healthcare Industry for just about 5 years. I have held the role of Staffer, Account Manager and now Recruiter, specializing in both local and travel contract opportunities. I have a passion for helping others! 

I never thought I would be a recruiter growing up - actually as a child I thought I was going to be a nurse. As I went through my college years I started to explore other career paths and was working with kids. I then found a job in Staffing Per Diem healthcare professionals that then evolved in to a full time Recruiter role. I feel like I get the best of all worlds - I get to help people, I get to have a connection to my first passion in nursing and I have the opportunity to know that I can make a difference through the candidates I represent. I look forward to working with your on your next adventure.


Republic Health Resources is a healthcare staffing agency created to provide healthcare professionals with rewarding assignment opportunities throughout the United States for both travel and local contract providers. We support nursing and allied professions and partner with Medical Centers, including hospitals, government facilities, post-acute, rehab and clinic settings. Republic Health Resources considers it an honor and privilege to be a part of your travel and local adventures and we strive to provide exceptional support while working to achieve your goals and a great experience.

We appreciate the opportunity to be a part of your next adventure!


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