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Jan Steele

TRS Healthcare

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Jan Steele, ADN; BA; BS has been a healthcare recruiter with TRS Healthcare for 13 years. Jan practiced ER/Trauma nursing for 12 years, followed by Healthcare Administration.  She has an ADN in nursing, a BA in psychology, and a BS in business.  She works with TRS Healthcare because of the "Nurse First" culture and because TRS is RN owned and operated. Jan has not forgotten the challenges and rewards of the nursing profession and remanins a strong nurse advocate, assuring every traveler has a voice.   Her past hospital experience allows her to expertly match a nurse to a facility.  She believes she succeeds when a traveler is successful. Jan spends her free time traveling, backpacking, and kayaking with her husband and two children.  


TRS Healthcare
Springdale, AR

Work for a company whose founder wore scrubs, not a suit. Experience the difference when your company has walked a mile in your shoes. You comfort and restore the lives of patients every day, it’s time You join a team who does the same for You.


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