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Virginia Johnson

TRS Healthcare

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Virginia Johnson has been a healthcare recruiter for 15 years. She enjoys being a recruiter because the days are never the same and each day brings new challenges. She's dedicated, persistent and successful. She started in per diem staffing and jumped at the opportunity to staff travel nurses. It was the best decision she's ever made. She spends her free time reading, cooking, and with her family. She and her husband have been married for 36 years and have two children. If she could travel anywhere in the world, she would go to New Orleans. She lived there for six months, and has visited many times since then. It's her favorite place in the world and her ideal place to retire.


TRS Healthcare
Springdale, AR

Work for a company whose founder wore scrubs, not a suit. Experience the difference when your company has walked a mile in your shoes. You comfort and restore the lives of patients every day, it’s time You join a team who does the same for You.


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