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Sabrina Parker

Raisso Inc

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With almost a year experience in Healthcare Recruiting, my dedication to clients, candidates and team allow me to build long-lasting relationships. I work hard to truly understand your needs and make a great fit. I pride myself on my strong ethics and honest values. I believe that everyone deserves to be happy and productive in the workplace, which then allows for a happy and healthy home life.


Raisso Inc
Plano, TX

Raisso Inc is global professional services with expertise in consulting, learning,Workforce solutions. With 18 years of expertise and insights, we are uniquely qualified to design and execute tailored solutions that drive results and solve your hiring challenges.You can trust us to deliver cost-effective outcomes and be highly qualified. We operate across the United States, Philippines, Singapore, and India and proudly serve mid-size to fortune 1000 companies across all verticals including financial services, healthcare & life sciences, insurance, technology, government, manufacturing, and telecom/utilities. We pride ourselves on creating lasting partnerships built on transparency and dedication. Whether you’re a client on your search for a new employee or a candidate in the pursuit of a new adventure, we are determined to assist you with your request. We have earned the reputation of being the most trusted and dedicated workforce solutions provider in the industry.


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