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I'm a recruiter for Republic Health Services & I'm eager to help you start or continue your traveling nurse career! I welcome first time travelers just as much as I welcome seasoned travelers & several of my clients do as well. Most of my friends & family would tell you how dedicated I am to my career & my 7-year-old daughter Aubriella but when I'm not working or playing princess dress up they would say that you can catch me at the campground, in the kitchen cooking, or treating myself to a week at an all-inclusive resort on a beach somewhere warm.

I'm currently stuck in Nebraska (I know, I know) but I plan on heading down south as soon as I can as that as where my heart is! I went to culinary arts school right out of high school to be a baker & quickly realized that was not the career for me. I am a go, go, go person, lets get started, let’s get this done & that's not what baking is, it required a lot of patience & waiting around for things to get done & that's just not how I live life. 

If you're looking for a dedicated, eager recruiter that will work around the clock to get you the best fitting job for you & your family then I'm your girl. I work for an amazing company that backs me up & provides multiple outlets for you & myself to be successful in our careers. Reach out to me today so we can start working together. I primarily work with RN's but my company provides staffing for all positions. 


Republic Health Resources is a healthcare staffing agency created to provide healthcare professionals with rewarding assignment opportunities throughout the United States for both travel and local contract providers. We support nursing and allied professions and partner with Medical Centers, including hospitals, government facilities, post-acute, rehab and clinic settings. Republic Health Resources considers it an honor and privilege to be a part of your travel and local adventures and we strive to provide exceptional support while working to achieve your goals and a great experience.

We appreciate the opportunity to be a part of your next adventure!


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