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Ciara Chappell

IDR Healthcare

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I love helping healthcare professionals accomplish their traveling goals! Let's take you to the places you have always wanted to go! 


IDR Healthcare
Alpharetta, GA

IDR is an award-winning, employee-owned healthcare staffing agency with headquarters in Atlanta, GA and offices in Nashville, Dallas, Fort Worth, Denver and Birmingham. We go above and beyond by empowering talent and developing leaders to deliver best-in-class healthcare staffing solutions.

At IDR, we care about the success of your healthcare career and we work hard to empower and support each of our talented IDR consultants. Through our Engagement Management Program, we prepare you for each job assignment, provide ongoing support throughout your placement, and help accelerate your growth with our re-engagement program. We also believe in sharing our success with all our employees. That’s why we offer benefits including our Employee Stock Ownership Program (ESOP).

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