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Brandi Spears

Junxion Med Staffing

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Junxion Med Staffing
Fort Worth, TX

Born from the firsthand experiences of our founder Sam, a former healthcare traveler himself, Junxion is deeply rooted in empathy, transparency, and commitment to the wellness of our traveling professionals. Our inception was not an act of entrepreneurship alone, but a quest to rectify the inadequacies of the industry that were personally encountered.

Through Sam's journey, Junxion has identified the need to provide a different kind of support for our healthcare travelers, one that pivots on transparency, respect, and genuine care. We've been in your shoes, and we understand the challenges of the journey better than anyone else.

At Junxion, we firmly believe in the philosophy that well-cared-for professionals invariably deliver superior patient care. Our aim is to ensure that our travelers feel valued and supported, which we believe will translate into enhanced healthcare delivery at our partnered facilities.

This approach also safeguards Junxion's reputation as the leading provider of the finest traveling healthcare professionals across the United States. With us, you're not just joining a staffing agency, you're becoming part of a family that truly understands and advocates for your needs.

Choose Junxion, and experience the difference of an agency that truly cares and understands the journey firsthand.


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