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Focus Staff
Dallas, TX

Focus Staff was founded in 2009, on a few simple principles.

Be nimble, add value, and be transparent.

Kyle Rhodes, the CEO and founder had several years of experience as a recruiter both with a start-up firm, and then one of the largest agencies in the healthcare staffing industry.

His goal and mission was to provide the efficiencies and resources of a large agency, but with the touch and feel of a smaller and boutique firm.

Now 12 years in the market, Focus Staff has successfully achieved that balance and executes it every day.

If you need a response, an answer, a solution-Focus Staff won’t get tripped up on bureaucracy or policy.  We stay NIMBLE. We respond to our travelers needs quickly and effectively.

When you work with us, it isn’t a transaction, but an experience.  We aim to ADD VALUE at every angle, and take the burden off of our travelers every chance we can. 

Traveling with Focus Staff isn’t a game of poker.  We tell you what is going on, what we can do to get you a position, and what we can do to help you out financially.  Working with an agency shouldn’t be a ‘used car lot’ standoff.  We ARE TRANSPARENT and create trust.  Traveling with an agency shouldn’t be anything but that.


Our Mission Statement:

To be a formidable organization in the healthcare staffing industry.  Our goals are equally important and we shall not sacrifice any one for the other.

Growth and strength in the market, health of the organization, and a fostering of a unique and human culture.

Life is short.  Work hard.  Add Value.  Be cool. Have fun.  Kick ass.


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