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Larry Sawyer

Frontline Healthcare Staffing

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Larry is responsible for leading the FHS team in the development, operation, and growth of the business. As a member of the NATHO Ethics Committee, Larry understands that the best way to do this is by being a champion and advocate of a people first mentality. When people are supported and understood, they thrive and when that happens, everything else falls into place. 


Frontline Healthcare Staffing was founded on three core principles: people, integrity, and technology. We strive to create a unique process that offers a true partnership to customers and healthcare professionals alike.  We’ve created an organization that works to strengthen relationships across the healthcare continuum through our innovative approach to people and technology.

The Frontline Difference means that we will be a dependable partner who connects skilled professionals with our facility partners across multiple states. Our experienced leadership professionals collaborate with our partners to enhance efficiency, transform care, improve patient outcomes and enhance customer experiences in both the long-term care space as well as the acute care space.


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