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Hi there! I'm Maruf Qayum, a results-driven professional with a strong background in sales, recruiting, and underwriting. I hold a solid foundation in finance, which enables me to effectively navigate the financial aspects of the recruiting process. With a proven track record as a top recruiter, I possess the expertise to identify and attract top-tier talent to drive business success.

My journey began in the sales industry, where I honed my interpersonal and negotiation skills, leading to successful collaborations with diverse clientele. Leveraging this experience, I transitioned into the world of recruiting, where I discovered my passion for connecting exceptional individuals with the perfect opportunities.

In addition to my hands-on experience, I have a solid educational background in finance, which equips me to understand the nuances of various industries and companies, ensuring a seamless fit between candidates and organizations.

Throughout my career, I've achieved numerous accolades, including being recognized as a top recruiter for consistently exceeding targets and delivering exceptional results.

I'm a proactive problem solver, always seeking innovative ways to streamline processes and maximize efficiency. My focus on building strong relationships and understanding the unique needs of both clients and candidates has been a key driver of my success.

When I'm not working, you can find me exploring the outdoors, indulging in my love for photography, or staying up-to-date with the latest industry trends and best practices.

I'm thrilled to connect and collaborate with like-minded professionals to foster a positive and rewarding work environment for all parties involved. Let's team up and achieve remarkable results together!


SQ Med Staffing, LLC
Converse, TX

At SQ Med Staffing, we're not just a recruitment agency; we're a team of medical professionals who understand the challenges and triumphs that come with the healthcare industry. Founded by nurses and first responders, SQ Med Staffing is committed to revolutionizing the way medical professionals experience travel nursing and permanent placements. Our mission is to ensure that our medical heroes receive exceptional support, seamless placements, and unmatched opportunities.

SQ Med Staffing was founded directly by those who have done this before. We know what employers look for and how to prepare our nurses to get the best out of their next ventures! Rest assured that we work with the absolute best to get you hired.

Our Journey: From the Frontlines to Your Side

As nurse and first responder owners, we've walked in the shoes of our fellow healthcare providers. We've witnessed the dedication, compassion, and resilience that medical professionals bring to their roles every day. This firsthand experience drives us to create a staffing agency that goes beyond the norm – one that values the well-being of our medical heroes and recognizes the unique challenges they face. With SQ Med Staffing, you're not just another healthcare professional; you're a member of our family.

Elevating the Travel Nursing Experience

Our commitment to enhancing the travel nursing experience sets us apart. We understand the excitement and uncertainties that come with choosing the path of a travel nurse. That's why SQ Med Staffing is dedicated to providing personalized placement solutions that align with your preferences and goals. From securing the perfect assignment to ensuring smooth transitions, we've got you covered every step of the way.

Beyond Nurses: Comprehensive Staffing Solutions

While we specialize in travel nursing, SQ Med Staffing's reach extends to a wide range of medical professionals. Whether you're seeking permanent placement opportunities, non-clinical roles, or allied health positions, our extensive network allows us to connect you with opportunities that match your expertise. Our goal is to facilitate fulfilling careers and make a positive impact on the healthcare landscape.

Why Choose SQ Med Staffing?

Unparalleled Insight: Our team's experience in healthcare enables us to understand your needs like no one else. We've been there, and we're here to support you.
Personalized Approach: We believe in more than just matching resumes; we match aspirations and preferences. Your journey is unique, and so is our approach.
Quality Partnerships: We've forged relationships with top-tier healthcare facilities nationwide. This means you get access to exclusive placements and rewarding opportunities.
Supportive Community: Join a community that truly cares. Whether you're taking your first travel nursing assignment or embarking on a new permanent role, you're part of our SQ Med Staffing family.
Holistic Solutions: Our commitment doesn't stop at nurses. We're here to connect all healthcare professionals with their ideal placements, ensuring that the industry's heartbeat remains strong.
At SQ Med Staffing, we're not just shaping careers – we're nurturing the heart of healthcare. Join us in redefining how medical professionals experience their journey, and let us be the bridge that connects your expertise with your aspirations.


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