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Alyssa Kaspar

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My name is Alyssa Kaspar.  I am a Senior Recruiter with TotalMed Staffing. I love working at TotalMed because we’re held to a standard to provide the best possible customer experience. Our core values are integrity, internally driven, and fun! These values have shaped our exceptional company and placed us in the top ten companies to work for! My commitment to my travel nurses comes from a genuine appreciation for what they do, as nurses have personally touched my life. My priorities include, open and honest communication, accessibility, and on-going support. I love my job and being able to help others excel with exciting opportunities and a professional support team driven by the people we serve.


TotalMed Staffing
Appleton, WI

In the fast-paced, highly competitive industry that is healthcare, you need a partner who works for and with you. At TotalMed, we’re a team who really cares. Our goal is to give gold standard customer care by enhancing the recruiter - traveler partnership with a high level of integrity and fun while supporting the experience you want to have throughout your travel career.

Our recruiters can help you evaluate the best healthcare jobs offered nationwide by uncovering your ideal career path and providing as much information as possible to assist in making the best decision for you in a no pressure atmosphere.

We care like no other so that you can care like no other.


What the TotalMed experience can offer you:

  • Top paying contracts
  • 24x7 concierge one-on-one service to meet your needs
  • Long or short term contracts available nationwide
  • Top 10 agency per recent traveler surveys

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Come experience the “Care like no other” difference!


February 03, 2016

by Lori mercer

Alyssa is a very knowledgeable recruiter always keeps track of her nurses AND loves what she does

February 03, 2016

by Janise Lane McAfee

I need to say upfront Alyssa is not my recruiter BUT when working with TotalMed, any recruiter is part of the family. I met her in Vegas during the Travel Nurse Conference and we made an instant connection, she is a people person. We communicate back and forth frequently so I have gotten to know her on a more personal level. She is kind, considerate, honest, quick to respond to questions, eager to assist, quick to say "I don't know but let me find out" when asked about something she can't answer. It bothers me when I ask a recruiter a question and they try to baffle me with BS!! I guess I assume everyone researches jobs, locations, and hospitals so we know when the recruiter doesn't know anything about the job they are trying to convince us to go to. I prefer honesty up front! Alyssa is dedicated to her nurses, knows them personally and their families and I feel comfortable referring friends to her for travel options.

February 03, 2016

by Adrian

I've worked with Alyssa for over a year now, and I am glad I was referred to her. I feel she has an open, friendly communication style; presents competitive pay packages; and takes a personal interest in her nurses.

February 05, 2016

by susie Schell

Alyssa is a one of a kind recruiter as I have traveled for the last 8 years with 2 other companies. She is compassionate about her job and the nurses she recruits she's personal and ALWAYS keeps in touch, genuinely caring about how you are doing in your present job, and in life, something that I didn't get from the other companies I worked for. Unfortunately I hung my traveling shoes up for a perm position but Alyssa continues to keep in touch caring about my well being, you don't get that personal care in other companies. Hands down TotalMed has a gem with Alyssa on the team!!

February 05, 2016

by Milly Fessler

Alyssa is one of the hardest working people that I have had the pleasure to know. She goes above and beyond the normal boundaries of her job. She give up her personal time away from the office to help, if she has no answer for your question,she will find it and gets right back with you with the answer. She has integrity, honesty, hard work ethics. It does not matter if she is your recruiter, if you speak with you, she will follow you need to it's conclusion if at all possible. If the outcome is not a good one, she will even cry with you. You are family to her. The whole TotalMed company is as good as their recruiters, therefore they are great to work with and for.
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