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I am a Senior Recruiter with TotalMed Staffing and look forward to a long career here! I pride myself on building relationships and growing friends along the way. I love what I do, with people I’ve learned to care for the most. It truly is a family when you work internally or externally with TotalMed as there is always someone willing and able to help, with a smile.  I’ve had the pleasure of going to Vegas for the conference last year, and look forward to another trip this year!


I really strive for any opportunity to meet RN’s, not only ones that I work with but others that have a story to tell.


Feel free to contact me with any questions, I look forward to helping you become a part of the TotalMed Family!


TotalMed Staffing
Appleton, WI

In the fast-paced, highly competitive industry that is healthcare, you need a partner who works for and with you. At TotalMed, we’re a team who really cares. Our goal is to give gold standard customer care by enhancing the recruiter - traveler partnership with a high level of integrity and fun while supporting the experience you want to have throughout your travel career.

Our recruiters can help you evaluate the best healthcare jobs offered nationwide by uncovering your ideal career path and providing as much information as possible to assist in making the best decision for you in a no pressure atmosphere.

We care like no other so that you can care like no other.

What the TotalMed experience can offer you:

  • Top paying contracts
  • 24x7 concierge one-on-one service to meet your needs
  • Long or short term contracts available nationwide
  • Top 10 agency per recent traveler surveys

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Come experience the “Care like no other” difference!


March 05, 2018

by Kayla

I've been extremely picky with my recruiters and assignments as a travel nurse. I will say that 100% this assignment with TotalMed has been the best experience I've had. Logan got me the job I wanted in Seattle when no other recruiter could, and at a great rate! Working with Logan has been enjoyable and effortless, two traits I value highly when working with a recruiter. I recommend him to anyone and am so thankful for the great experiences thus far. Thanks Logan!!

March 01, 2018

by Nick

I have worked with Logan on multiple assignments and has come through for me on every front. He does everything he can to make sure you feel comfortable on an assignment and goes above and beyond for his nurses on a daily bases. Him calling me 2 years ago has ended up being the best phone call I’ve ever received! If you’ve been traveling for years or just thinking about trying traveling out I would recommend Logan over everyone

July 21, 2016

by Tammy L.

Logan has been my recruiter since day one. I have talked with many recruiters , but I've never taken an assignment with anyone but Logan. He is always there when I need him, and he's gone to bat for me more than once! And I love that I can talk with him like I do with friends I work with on the daily... colorfully and honestly. I appreciate that more than he knows! I also appreciate that Logan makes people feel like they are the only person he's working with. He's never been too busy to help, and has even called me to reassure me while sitting in his doctor's office. Honestly, I don't really want to work with anyone else. Logan makes things seem so easy. And even if there is a bump somewhere in the process, he always gets it all smoothed out. Overall, I have found TotalMed to be an A+ company to work with. They have great packages, whether your looking for the experience or for the money. Either way, they will get you what you want. I always recommend Logan & TotalMed to those interested in traveling!!

July 21, 2016

by Brittany H

Logan is a great recruiter to work with! I am currently on my first travel contract and he has made it a breeze. He walked me through everything, listened to my list of things that I was looking for in an assignment, and has answered every question. He also went above and beyond to make sure I wouldn't miss a week of pay when I went out of town and forgot to submit my timesheet. I would definitely recommend talking to Logan about travel nurse opportunities!

July 20, 2016

by Joe Lucas

First, let me say that I'm still new to travel nursing. I'm in my second assignment and I could not be happier with Logan as a recruiter and my entire experience with TotalMed. From my first conversation with Logan, he made everything seem so easy. He was interested in finding out what I wanted out of a travel assignment. No joke, first assignments are never easy. There were a couple of points when things felt like they were a little chippy. Whenever that was the case, Logan was there to let me know that he had my back. Logan always goes the extra mile for me and I'm assuming he is that way with all his clients. He'll call me excited when there is a contract in an area that he knows that I'm interested in, and he even drove 4 hours to take me to lunch on my first day on my second assignment (and to bring me a Diet Coke!!!). Not many recruiters would do that. Overall, I've found that TotalMed's contracts seem to have higher rates than other companies that I've compared and they are super easy to work with. I've recommended Logan and the TotalMed team to my friends, so I can highly recommend them to you.