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National Staffing Solutions
Winter Park, FL

National Staffing Solutions is a leader in the travel healthcare industry for over a decade. National Staffing Solutions places healthcare professionals in positions that allow them to gain valuable experiences, fill the skyrocketing demand in their field, and travel nationwide at premium pay.

We use our insight, experience and nationwide resources to make exceptional connections every day! Through our many years of service, we are now positioned perfectly to pass your name and resume to our healthcare partners that are looking for YOUR help.
Facilities across the nation choose National Staffing Solutions as their workforce partner to solve nursing shortages that range from quick-fill demands to areas in urgent need of medical attention. Hundreds of healthcare organizations throughout North America rely on us each year to connect them with quality professionals, like yourself, who are ready to work.

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August 02, 2016

by Shannon

I love Veronica!!!! She has been so helpful during this process. She is always available if you need her. Most importantly, she always had my best interest at heart. She is more than a recruiter but a friend as well.

August 03, 2016

by Beth G

Veronica goes the distance trying to get you your desired contract. She is persistent in helping you get what you want and easy to work with!

August 03, 2016

by Kim

I am relatively new in the Traveling Nurse role and my specialty is in an area that is not as easily placed as others. Veronica has thought outside the box to place me in desirable locations with desirable pay packages. In a recent contract, my beloved father became ill 800 miles away and Veronica sent her sales team out to find me a contract near my parents home. No stone was left unturned. Veronica always has my back. I respect and admire her sincerity and work ethic. Veronica is clear with her expectations and is thorough in her presentation of offers. I highly recommend her as your recruiter.

August 17, 2016

by Peggy P

Veronica has been available and kept in touch even after I was placed in a contract. It has been years since I have worked as a "traveler", and the pay situation has changed. I had an issue, early in my contract, about per diem pay. Veronica and Jim worked to resolve our differences, and showed they are responsive to concerns. Veronica is already helping me plan for my next contract.

August 17, 2016

by Leslie G

I have just started to work as a Travel Nurse after 21 years of Acute Care in hospital based practice. I was always a bit uncomfortable of this type of work but Veronica has made this transition very effortless and satisfying. She is always available for questions and responds in a very timely fashion. I feel she is always looking out for my best interest. I definitely recommend her for use as a representative to work with to my fellow colleagues.
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