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National Staffing Solutions
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National Staffing Solutions is a leader in the travel healthcare industry for over a decade. National Staffing Solutions places healthcare professionals in positions that allow them to gain valuable experiences, fill the skyrocketing demand in their field, and travel nationwide at premium pay.

We use our insight, experience and nationwide resources to make exceptional connections every day! Through our many years of service, we are now positioned perfectly to pass your name and resume to our healthcare partners that are looking for YOUR help.
Facilities across the nation choose National Staffing Solutions as their workforce partner to solve nursing shortages that range from quick-fill demands to areas in urgent need of medical attention. Hundreds of healthcare organizations throughout North America rely on us each year to connect them with quality professionals, like yourself, who are ready to work.

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RN - Oncology SAN DIEGO






July 06, 2018

by Natasha A

All I can say is that my recruiter is awesome; she has been totally helpful in any situation that may have come up. Not jus a recruiter but she is also a great friend. She is just plain professional in all areas, very informative, thanks Veronica!! National Staffing rock!!!! Veronica , you're the best!!!!!!!! Thank you for all that you do." She stated when i first started with company "i always take care of my ppl" and shes has done that OUTSTANDINGLY..

July 06, 2018

by Rhonda W

I have been working with Veronica since February it has been my pleasure she is always there a phone call away if I have any questions or concerns and unlike other recruiters she does return your calls and will try to accomodate your work needs

July 02, 2018

by Everyn J

The best in her field always there to help when I need her, I couldn't ask for a person she is truly a remarkable person, because of her knowledge and guidance I am able to do the travel nurses aide, thanks for the guidance and support that you have given me.

June 26, 2018

by Jacqueline W.

Veronica Baita is an awesome recruiter. She is very professional and caring that works hard to get you an assignment that works for you. I could never get a better recruiter than Veronica.

June 26, 2018

by Yolandezz Siler

Best Recruiter I’ve Had Since I Begin Traveling... She’s A Women Of Her Word... Couldnt Ask For Better Company...
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