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Kelsey Martin

Skyline Med Staff

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Skyline Med Staff
Omaha, NE

Skyline Med Staff has become one of the industries premiere staffing firms by applying one simple rule.... "Treat others the way that THEY want to be treated."

The company focuses on making each persons experience individually based rather than the old school mindset of everyone having to "fit into a box".  Let us show you what true customer service really means.

The leadership team at Skyline Med Staff has over 28 years of medical staffing experience and has learned that our most important asset is you.   As this industry continues to grow, and larger companies become more transactional, we will continue to focus on treating you as a special part of our team and give you the attention you deserve.   Give us a call today, we promise you will not be disappointed. 


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December 01, 2016

by George

Kelsey is one of the better recruiters I have worked for. Great personality and always follows through on what she promises. I had a couple of issues while on assignment with my schedule and she fixed them immediately. It's easy to be a recruiter when all goes well but people like Kelsey I truly value as they are able to adapt and overcome challenges when needed. Thank you Kelsey!!!!

December 01, 2016

by Diane Corman

I had never taken a travel contract before but Kelsey made the process not only smooth but also enjoyable. I am sold on the travel industry now and all thanks to Kelsey. I can't imagine how anyone else could have made my experience better. Thank you!

December 01, 2016

by Laura

I would give her a 6 out of 5! She is a fantastic person and has always been responsive. I have not had a lot of recruiters in the past to compare her too but I cannot think of one thing that I would change. I feel like I can call her with anything that I need and she will take care of me. She even emails me back late at night, even when it is not urgent.

March 01, 2017

by Mark HCT

Giving Kelsey my highest recommendation - she is a professional with great insights on how to find the best assignments for her travelers. She is someone you can trust - her word is gold - and she cares about the people she works with - giving them 100% 7/24/365. One of the best there is. A++.

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