April 16, 2014

In the 1950′s advertising for Camel cigarettes marketed their tobacco products to the public using the claim that “more doctors smoked Camel” than any other brand. In the 60′s, an estimated 56% of the general population smoked. Eventually by the mid-1970′s society began urging medical professionals to refrain from tobacco-use in order to set a healthy example. After all, shouldn’t medically trained professionals know the consequences and health effects associated with tobacco better than anyone else?

Credit: http://scienceblogs.com/

Credit: http://scienceblogs.com/

Today, the majority of individuals in the healthcare profession abstain from smoking. In fact, 78% of all healthcare providers say they never even started the habit at all according to the Journal of American Medical Association.   But, the number of former cigarette smoking registered nurses is about 70%…which is higher than the general population which is only about 50%.

A study published by UCLA in early 2014 suggested that the numbers of registered nurse cigarette-smokers has dropped significantly (in the years between 2003-2011) from 11% to 7%.

Percentage of nurses who presently smoke through the years:

  • 1976: 33.2%
  • 1989: 13.5%
  • 2002/2003: 8.4%

It seems that very few healthcare professionals “light up” with the exception of one category… LPNs. Despite only about roughly 2% of physicians claiming to presently smoke (in the years 2003-2007), licensed practicing nurses surprisingly still have a high number. LPNs are the highest group of trained medical staff that smoke, at nearly 25%! The numbers are baffling. How could one-fourth of LPNs trained in the field of medicine be classified as smokers…especially when you compare that to the national average for the American population overall to only be estimated at 18% (according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention)? Additionally, the numbers seem exceptionally high considering when the large number of present-day U.S. health systems are participating in “tobacco-free hiring.” Urine screenings, hiring refusal, and in some cases termination upon discovery of tobacco-use are used by some hospitals and medical businesses are all part of an effort to keep costs down and protect the health of employees and public. According to the organization, Americans for Nonsmokers’ Rights, more than 3,634 hospitals, clinics and facilities already have smoking bans on their entire campus. These laws were enacted in order to protect the patients, staff, and visitors from the exposure to second-hand smoke. And, many more are currently in the process of initiating these protocols as well. Last year, the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) said that all hospitals and clinics should become smoke-free. However, treating cigarette use as a crime surprisingly had little effect on the number of users in the medical profession.

Registered nurses tackle a plethora of vulnerability to bad habits due to large levels of work-related stress. Among them is over-eating, drinking, and of course smoking. A great burden is placed on RN’s to serve as positive models of health in their community. However, perhaps the pressure from all of those outside forces are why it is so difficult for all healthcare workers to kick their bad habits. Despite positive decreases in numbers of smokers among healthcare employees, there still is room for improvement. Perhaps completely making tobacco-use banned for nurses is not entirely helpful to guide them into healthier lifestyles, but it unarguably is still a positive progress in efforts to prevent second-hand smoke related issues.

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April 14, 2014
travel nursing assignments missouri

Browse travel nurse jobs in Missouri at www.TravelNurseSource.com

Missouri, often referred to as the “show me state,” is a fabulous destination for nurses to both work and play in. The state features 87 state parks begging to be explored and culturally rich metropolitan areas that everyone should experience at some point. Stimulate your desire to get immersed in culture by visiting one of the state’s magnificent art galleries, museums, botanical gardens,  historical civil war sites, performing arts and sculpture parks. Get your taste buds fired up by sampling the local favorites at a brewery, farmer’s market, eatery, coffee shop or vineyard. Outdoor enthusiasts enjoy an array of activities in Missouri such as canoeing, mountain biking, horseback riding, golfing and hiking. Take a trip to visit the St. Louis Arch, a 630 foot tall stainless monument built to celebrate westward expansion of the U.S. Make the first steps toward a rewarding travel nurse job in Missouri at Travel Nurse Source.

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April 14, 2014
travel nurse jobs in oklahoma

travel nurse jobs in Oklahoma

Nurse assignments in Oklahoma offer an opportunity to cherish the history of the old west and get involved in memorable activities while working in a satisfying career in healthcare. Visit the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum to celebrate some wild western culture. Or, visit the Myriad Botanical Garden to get to see various varieties of plants from 6 continents. Feed the hunger of an artistic soul by visiting Oklahoma City Museum of Art where you can view the largest collection of glass by famed artist Dale Chihuly. Chow down on chicken fried steak, chilli, delectable and meaty burgers,  and barbeque in this state known for its very “American” cuisine sure to please any pallet. Visit one of the states 35 state parks and partake in some outdoor activities like hiking, fishing, and boating. Take a drive down Route 66, celebrate Native American history, engage in a diverse outdoor adventure, or try your luck at a casino. Oklahoma is a great destination for night-owls seeking some exciting nightlife on their time off from work. Travel nurse jobs in Oklahoma are waiting, browse some today at Travel Nurse Source.

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April 14, 2014
travel nurse jobs minnesota

Find travel nurse jobs in Minnesota at www.travelnursesource.com

Looking to make a splash in your career? Come to Minnesota, the “Land of 1,000 Lakes.” This northern paradise of middle America is a great location to visit for the outdoor-enthusiast and culturally literate individual. Additionally, the residents of this state are some of the healthiest in the country because of their love for exercise and engaging in rigorous outdoor recreational activities. Water skiing, boating, hunting, hiking, ice skating, and fishing year-round are celebrated in Minnesota. It has 72 state parks and more hiking trails than any other state in the United States. Music lovers enjoy a wide array of live entertainment in the state that brought us the talents such as Bob Dylan, Prince, Owl City, and the Replacements. Minneapolis is known as one of the art capitals on the north. Walker Art Center and Minneapolis Museum of Art are some of the most beloved art houses. While on location in a travel nurse assignment in Minnesota, take the time to visit one of the largest malls in the country that features over 400 stores and is visited by over 40 million guests annually. Browse opportunities in this enchanting bread and butter state at Travel Nurse Source today!

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April 9, 2014

best hobbies for nurses

The nursing profession is a whirlwind of constantly running around and working under pressure. A nurses job is to take care of others, but when the scrubs come off, its finally time to take care of your own well-being. When a nurse does get a chance to have some time for themselves, choosing the best activities is important for maintaining a healthy and happy mind, body, and soul. Here are a couple suggestions for hobbies to enjoy on your day off:

  • Exercise: Yeah, I’m sure the last thing that comes to mind for a relaxing day off is hitting the gym. But, exercise is beneficial to the mental state. That morning jog or the yoga class you attend has potential to reduce stress, improve self-confidence, boost mental capacity, tap into creativity, and boost happy chemicals in the brain. Whatever your workout method of choice; getting your body moving will actually give your body the motivation it needs to have energy to get even more done in your downtime from work. And of course, your waist-line will thank you as well.
  • Day-trips/Mini-vacations: Traveling an hour or two away from your home can add excitement to your life without the commitment, time taken off work, and cost of a lengthy trip. Explore some music venues, art galleries, shopping, fine dining, amusement parks, local historical sites or any other attraction of your liking are just a drive away. Also, if a day off comes spontaneously, day-trips are easy to plan. Learn about your local cities that you don’t visit as much as you should while having fun!
  • Plan a dinner with friends/family: Sometimes our work lives are so busy, it’s hard to get a chance to gather with our loved ones. On your next available downtime, plan a meal with friends or family. It’s a great opportunity to try out a new recipe,  make reservations at the new eatery you’ve been dying to visit, and of course share moments with the people that matter most to you.
  • Craft/music making: Picking up a hobby like knitting, jewelry making, hiking, or playing an instrument can greatly benefit your life. It will keep your mind sharp, reduce stress and you can invite others to join in your new pastimes or enjoy the hobby in solitude.
  • Have a day in: Sometimes in the life of a nurse, it seems like there just never is enough time in the day…or days in the week! There’s no shame in spending a quiet day at home on a day off. Get all your laundry done, finish that novel you’ve been reading for 3 months, or even just catch up on some much needed rest and relaxation.

Life is for living and when you get the time to have fun, relax, or try new things its important to seize the opportunity. Whether you want to spend your free-time on a local sandy beach or curled up on the couch; be sure to choose an activity that you find pleasurable, relaxing, and rewarding.


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April 9, 2014
travel nurse assignments in nebraska

Find travel nurse jobs in Nebraska at www.TravelNurseSource.com

Nebraska is a great place to consider for your next travel nurse assignment. Those with a fascination for fishing and hunger to hunt know Nebraska is a great place with over 450 public waterways and easily obtainable hunting licenses. Trail rides on horseback, white water rafting, and even floating down the waterway in a livestock tank with some good company and a cooler full of cold beverages are some of the outdoor activities Nebraska natives partake in. “Nebraska” after all means “flat water” in Otos Indian. Celebrate some savory flavors found in Nebraska at an old-school chophouse famous for their prime cuts of beef. Be sure to cool off on your downtime at an exciting water-park like the Beatrice Big Blue Water Park where you can plunge down a 124-ft loop water slide or attend an indoor water park during the winter months. Taste some delectable adult beverages from the source at one of the over 50 breweries and vineyards of the state. Become a part of history by visiting the trails that Lewis and Clark explored or go back 12 million years ago by learning about some prehistoric creatures that once walked the state. Find assignments in Nebraska with Travel Nurse Source.

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April 9, 2014
travel nurse jobs in virginia

Find travel nurse jobs in Virginia today!

Celebrate colonial American heritage with a travel nurse assignment in Virginia,  the state that has birthed more U.S. presidents than any other state. The home of the Blue Ridge Mountains and Chesapeake bay offers a variety of gorgeous landscapes to escape to and the architecture charms with  neoclassical, American colonial, and PA Dutch influences. On your downtime, watch a show at a theater in Virginia, including the nation’s first dinner theater. Or, take a day to lay on one of the acclaimed beaches. Appease a healthy appetite with the traditional provisions of the “mother of the presidents” state. Sample blue crabs, sweet and tangy BBQ, marble cake, or Brunswick Stew while on location in Virginia.  Theme parks, zoos, art exhibits, historical landmarks, museums, shopping, and visits to the spa are some of the things to explore while on a travel assignment here. Additionally, this state is known for its renowned wines. Visit one of Virginia’s 249 vineyards for a chance to sample some signature flavors. Virginia is for lovers…and nurses! Explore travel nurse jobs available in Virginia today at Travel Nurse Source.

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April 2, 2014
travel nurse jobs in kentucky

Find travel nurse jobs in Kentucky

Looking to aggrandize your life? Consider a travel nurse assignment in Kentucky, a state acclaimed for its bluegrass-covered pastures, savory fried chicken, numerous bourbon distilleries, and vivacious horse-races. Have a convivial life in a gratifying career and temporarily reside in a location that accommodates anyone’s need for to visit the best caves in the country, jovial amusement parks, and tranquil spas. Kentucky boasts exquisite hiking trails including those among the Appalachian Mountains, abundance of folk art, and live performances of banjo-fueled jam sessions. Immerse yourself in the culinary creativity found here by chowing down on BBQ, nostaligic Kentucky burgoo, or of course the stereotypical but scrumptious fried chicken.Take the reigns of your life, and consider the state with unbridled spirit for your next travel nurse assignment.

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April 1, 2014


travel nurse jobs wisconsin

Find travel nurse jobs in wisconsin!

Travel nurse jobs in America’s Dairyland, Wisconsin, offer a plethora of unique attractions and cool places to visit. After a long shift at the hospital, have some of their famous cheese with a glass of wine bought from one of their 45 wineries. For some more active leisure, try a thrilling outdoor activity like biking, adventure sports, horseback riding, fishing, or playing golf. On a day off, enjoy the scenery at one of the beautiful national, state, or local parks. In warmer months, visit one of their waterparks. During football season, be sure to grab a ticket for a Packers game at Lambeau Field.  Foodies can sample some uniquely Wisconsin foods from one of their farmer’s markets, cheese factories, restaurants, and cafes. Wisconsin is a great destination to consider when finding a travel nurse job. Browse some job postings in Wisconsin, today!

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March 31, 2014
traveling nurse jobs georgia

Find travel nurse jobs in Georgia

Come to the “Peach State” on your next travel nurse job. Whether you are looking to indulge in experiences at the Georgia Museum of Art (home to over 9,000 works of art), the Coastal Georgia Botanical Gardens (internationally known home to bamboo plants as well as rare other plants and trees), the Margret Mitchell House (birthplace of the Pulitzer-Prize winning author of Gone With the Wind), or Blue Ridge Scenic Railway (where you can hop a train to the “antique capital of the world”); there’s an abundance of wordiness to immerse yourself with. Travel assignments in the Empire State of the South give nurses the chance to spend off-time in Atlanta where you can choose from 130 retail centers or 54 public parks to visit. Georgia, the 8th most populous state in the US, will leave a lasting impression on any nurse with a hankering to gain meaningful experiences while on an assignment making good money and meeting new people. The beautiful state of Georgia is a great place to consider for your next travel nurse job. Browse some jobs in Georgia, today!

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