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Hi, I have been an RN for around 25 years. Specialized in ER/CCU/PCU for most of my career but have also done endoscopy a little med/surg and office based nursing etc. I started and finished PA school about 5 years ago. I have not worked as a hospital based nurse in many years but still have a current RN license. I have been doing locums PA assignments for the past year. I would like to find a temporary nursing assignment just to keep my skills intact (and for fun) to be honest. Obviously I know that I make a lot more money as a PA but at this point I would like to do a temporary nursing position. Even though its been awhile I am a strong willed person with strong clinical skills. Any chances you would be willing to work with someone like me?

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Hi Sana, I would like to learn more about your background and what you are seeking in the RN position. You may call me at 760-807-4216.