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FlexCare Medical Staffing

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July 10, 2018

by E. Turner


Researching travel agencies, I found Flexcare seemed to be the highest ranked in all areas. I was originally contacted by Nate Shanklin and we have been working together ever since. Nate has found my multiple assignments and I have been happy with them all so far. He is efficient, honest and makes transitioning into each new hospital seamless. This experience has been nothing short of amazing. There is always a paycheck in my account every Friday morning, even when the hospital doesn't have it together. The health insurance is just as good as what I had as a staff nurse and they pretty much pay for it! Go with Flexcare you won't be disappointed!

May 05, 2018

by Cynthia W.


My experience with FlexCare has always been positive. My recruiter has always found me the best jobs! Highly recommend this agency

May 05, 2018

by Stephanie H.


As a nurse of almost 15 years, jumping into travel nursing was (although exciting) very nerve wracking. I quickly fell in love with Flexcare’s sole point of contact. What does this mean? This means that instead of having multiple people/departments to deal with you have one, your recruiter.

May 04, 2018

by Staci Franklin


I have loved working with Flexcare .... The onboarding process was very straightforward and I really like how transparent Flexcare is about their pay packages

May 04, 2018

by Zachary F.


Flexcare is an amazing company. I have always got top paying contracts, at travel friendly facilities...Strongly recommend!
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