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December 16, 2019

by Bonnie J


You couldn't possibly go wrong working with this agency. I truely believe them when they say they are going to set a new standard among agencies! My recruiter is an owner which was really unique, he has just as much vested interest in my success as I do. Give them a try, you'll tell right away they are different in a very good way!

December 16, 2019

by Tammy

Veteran traveler

I usually don't do reviews like this however, I feel that Ventura has more than earned it. They have taken their time in perfecting the travel nurse placement process. I was able to do numerous forms online that other companies required me to fill out by hand which was a huge hassle for me. My recruiter has more experience than I do as a nurse and I have been traveling for about 5 years now. Definitely worth making the move over. You can tell that they are giving the money that other agencies are holding back!

December 16, 2019

by Med/Tele RN


Very surprised at how great this company is, I am completely satisfied with my pay ( I wish I would have came here long ago!) My recruiter is very knowledgeable, he has sent me gifts already. You can tell this company actually cares about me as a nurse, they appreciate that I have chosen them and they have done nothing but show up my previous agency time and time again so far!

December 16, 2019

by Mary


This company is amazing in every single way! My recruiter's name is Eric, he was able to find me an assignment matching my needs very quickly. I had options, Eric listened to me and most of all he followed through with everything he said he would. I look forward to sticking with them for the long haul. Pay was fantastic! Highly recommended!

March 14, 2019

by Tom Reynolds


It has been refreshing to work with a company that cares about who you are. Everyone is helpful and open. Ventura is made up of key industry players and they are extremely knowledgeable. I am happy to be taking my next assignment with Ventura Medstaff :)!
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