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I'm passionate about bringing people together, and building remarkable teams so that my travelers and clients will feel confident in knowing they have chosen the right company and recruiter for their needs. I would love the opportunity to chat with you and review some of our travel contracts together!

Here are some of the great benefits of working with Host Healthcare:
- One of the top 5 agencies on BluePipes
- Day 1 medical, dental, vision, 401k matching, and optional plans (life ins, long term/short term disability, and more)
- 30 day insurance between contracts
- Competitive pay; we build your pay package the way you want it!
- Corporate housing or housing assistance options
- 30+ Years of Industry Expertise with the feel of a family environment
- Staff all 50 States Local and Travel (including HI and AK)

Office & Text: (858) 255-7952 
Email: [email protected]


Host Healthcare
San Diego, CA

Host Healthcare puts our Travelers and their comfort first. 

We realize Travel healthcare isn’t just about finding the perfect job – it’s about finding your perfect lifestyle. And if you’re new to the world of Travel healthcare, we specialize in ensuring your transition to travel healthcare is smooth and comfortable.  

Host Healthcare is ranked as the #1 Travel Healthcare Company in the U.S., because we go to great lengths to take care of our Travelers.  

Why is Host Healthcare Ranked #1: 
- Responsive, friendly, knowledgeable no-pressure recruiters 
- Day-1 medical, dental and vision benefits 
- Access to the highest quality facilities and most desirable jobs in the country 
- Personalized travel care and dedicated housing assistance  
- A quarantine policy that guarantees your pay if you are asked to quarantine by the facility during COVID 

We aim to give you peace of mind during your entire travel experience by offering unparalleled service that exceeds your expectations. Because a great host makes you feel comfortable. 

Apply today at to find your perfect travel healthcare experience. 

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RN - Dialysis Chamberlain





March 06, 2021

by Bonita

I worked with Kayana for many years before my retirement which occurred prior to her service here. She is a solid individual who is top notch in her field. Her outstanding level of expertise is consistently and unquestionably superior to what you may find anywhere else. There will never be any doubt that you will rest assured knowing you are being provided with the best care to suit your needs through her attentive devotion to her career.