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Source Medical Staffing believes that making a difference matters. We come to work every day to make a difference, to solve a problem, and to work for you!

Medical professionals have goals; we want to help them reach their goals. Think of us as an extension of your team or your lifeline while on contract; use our experience to produce results everyone is proud of. We offer competitive pay packages and experiences of a lifetime.

We are a passion-driven company and proud to be a woman-, sister-, and nurse-founded business. Collectively, we have decades of proven successes in the medical field, medical staffing, management, and business ownership.

We were inspired to make a unique mark in the medical staffing industry. With an enthusiastic spirit, lofty objectives, and roots firmly in charitable beginnings, it is our goal to make a profound impact in medical staffing and the communities they reach, both near and far.

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August 11, 2020

by Russell Basily

I never imagined there was a staffing company that really looked out for their contract nurses like Source Medical Staffing. I felt like part of a family that put my best interest first. If something didn't add up or seem like the perfect fit my recruiter Jennifer Fuller would tell me not to take the assignment even though they could have profited from it. Its not about just filling contracts, they connect with the staff and genuinely care about the people they employ and contract. I highly recommend this staffing company and will personally believe there is none better.