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Alexandria, LA
Start: 1 Weeks
Shift: Day
Duration: 13 Weeks

INTERMEDIATE MEDICAL CARE UNIT/IMCU REGISTERED NURSE (RN) TRAVEL JOB Registered Nurse in the Intermediate Medical Care Unit, care for patients who need a moderate level of attention. Patients’, in this unit, aren’t as self-sufficient as those in standard in-patient rooms, but they are not as critical as those in the Intensive Care Unit. INTERMEDIATE MEDICAL CARE UNIT/IMCU RN RESPONSIBILITIES: * IMCU nurses treat patients who are suffering from serious conditions, such as diabetes mellitus, electrolyte imbalances, renal failure, liver failure, gastrointestinal bleeds, blood disorders, cancer, sepsis, respiratory distress or multi-system organ failure * The IMCU RN assess each patient’s needs individually and collects relevant data, such as temperature, blood pressure and pain levels, according to the facility’s prescribed procedure. * Conduct ongoing assessments of each patient’s status in accordance with the facility’s requirements. * Perform physician prescribed treatments in a timely manner * Communicate effectively with patients, families, physicians, and coworkers, being an advocate for the patient at all times * Evaluate patient’s response to care and initiate independent and/or collaborative changes where appropriate * Perform other patient interventions described by the patient’s individualized treatment plan. * Provide individualized education for the patient, family, and or caregiver throughout the continuum of care. * Prepare equipment and assists physician during examination and treatment of patient * Records all care information accurately and completely and in accordance with guidelines established for Registered Nurses * Performs other position related duties as assigned

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