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Frequently Asked Questions
08/27/16 • 0 Answers • View Hi I'm Gabriela from venezuela. I'll get my nurse degree ( 5 years of carrer) this december ... and I wonder if there in USA I could have an oportunity as a nurse ...or if I would have to study again to work as a nurse there?.... I can speak and write english and I'm waiting to do the medical english vacabulary. -Gabriela Alejandra Garcia Diaz, Social User
08/01/16 • 0 Answers • View I have been an RN for about a year and a half. My experience is 6 months worth of ICU/Med Surge/Tele and about 8 months Hospice/Home Health. Prior to that I worked as an LPN working geriatrics, peds and corrections. I am really interested in travel nursing. Based on my experience can I realistically pursue travel nursing at this time? -Michael DiGangi, Nurse
04/16/16 • 0 Answers • View I have been a nurse for a few years now. I have focused on geriatrics. I want to expand my nursing experience. I want to start in Med/Surg. How hard is it to dig yourself out of the geriatric field? 
12/26/15 • 3 Answers • View I was a nurse for only 2 years, then had a really bad accident and had to step down. After 4 years of surgeries and physical rehab, I am cleared to go back to work. My only experience is in the psychiatric field plus first aid work I did during the 4 years I wasn't able to work. How realistic is it to find a nursing job now that I'm ready?
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