10 Things that Drive Nurses NUTS

Throughout a long, tiring shift at the hospital, there’s just those days that everything little thing seems to make you want to climb up the walls. Under normal circumstances, these little things wouldn’t even make a person bat an eyelash—-but to a nurse running on fumes, it can be pretty darn intolerable.

10 Things that Drive Nurses NUTS

1. The medication that just won’t scan.

On the outside when this happens, our face is emotionless. On the inside we are shrieking! Oh, the humanity…

2. Grown men with less tolerance than a 5-year-old.

“Sir, it’s just a stubbed toe…..And no, I’m not writing you an excuse for work.”

3. A patient that asks a bazillion questions, but then interrupts you before you can answer any of them.

This is when you just stop and stare at the wall for a while….

4. Sterile kits’ gloves are wayyyy too big!

Who are these gloves made for? Regular nurses…or Paul Bunyon? My fingers need GPS for those things…they can seriously get lost.

5. Patients who lie about how much alcohol they consume.

First of all, we always find out eventually. (But really, your former college’s fraternity Greeklife t-shirt also gave it away.)

6. Patient and family drama.

Like, yikes! This is a hospital not the set of Jerry Springer. Please, at minimum, let me finish up here before you open that can of extremely uncalled-for worms.

7. When stable patients get put into ICU.

When this happens you’re barely done filling out their admission information in the computer before the physician immediately transfers them over to MedSurge. *sigh*

8. Grumpy grandpas.

I love cute older people. In fact, they’re some of my favorite patients. But, those grumpier older men and women who seem to have had better days can really drag everyone’s mood down.

9. Bad “bedside manners.”

Mind your P’s and Q’s, people! Just because we get paid to take care of you doesn’t mean that we don’t deserve a little “thank you” here and there. But what’s even worse than guests who don’t offer the polite “pleases” and “thank you’s” are the ones that act just plain RUDE.

10. That although it drives us completely up the wall sometimes….

we’re just crazy enough that we wouldn’t trade this job for any other profession.


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