10 Top Earning U.S. States for Nurses

A nurse’s job is more than a way to bring home a steady paycheck. It’s super demanding and challenging. Oftentimes, it can difficult to even put a pricetag on the duties of your average RN.

With a little help from the Nurse Salary Guide, we’re proud to present you the leading states for bringing home that cheddar, that bread, that scratch. Whatever, you like to call it, here’s the lowdown on the leading U.S. states for stacking our pockets with a huge mess of dead presidents.

top earning us states for nurses

1. California $94,120

Highway interchange.There are roughly about 250,000 nurses on this western U.S. state that reaches for 900 miles along the picturesque Pacific coastlines. However, the large average salary may just be due to the simple fact that the cost of living is pretty high in sunny Cali. The average monthly rent for a furnished 900 sqft apartment in Los Angeles is like $2,441. A little rough considering the MANSION you could get if you paid half that a month in a mortgage in more rural states…

2. Hawaii $84,750

tropical parkSay aloha to the stunning average salaries for RNs in Hawaii. Although, beating out competition for coveted Hawaiian travel nurse assignments in this Central Pacific paradise be just a tad tricky considering there’s only room for about 10,000 nurses on their islands. Also, just like in California, cost of living is pretty darn high there. I mean, you can kind of see why when you consider that all their consumer items need to be shipped into places like Honolulu Harbor. As of August 2014, the average cost of a single family home in Honolulu was about $683,500 and a gallon of milk would run you about $6.

3. Alaska $80,970

nurse jobs in alaskaThe Last Frontier is one of the most exceptional states for earning high salaries. But, can you really live off of that in Alaska? Actually, yes, in most cases. It’s cheaper to live there than in handfuls of large cities like Manhattan and Honolulu. Plus, pretty much the most amazing things to do in the state are completely free like sledding, hiking, and other outdoor activities.

4. Massachusetts $83,370

nurse jobs in massachusettsKnown for colonial history, brilliant and charming towns, and the home of the Red Sox; Massachusetts has a lot to enjoy. Boston, however, is notoriously pricey. According to Jumpshell, everything in Boston is 28% than the national average. No wonder Forbes named it one of the top 10 most expensive cities to live in. And no wonder the average earnings of a nurse reflect that.

5. Oregon $78,530

Crater_lake_oregon_usaWith an avant-garde culture, rich and diverse landscapes, and perfect mix of captivating and calm; there’s many reasons for choosing Oregon as a place to hitch your wagon. And, as it turns out, the cost of living in Oregon is actually less than in a lot of other US states. Nurses in Oregon can expect to earn handsome pay and be able to get by in a more affordable state than most.

6. Nevada $77,870

nurse jobs in nevadaIn a state known for two things, 24-hour casinos and deserts, there’s not a whole lot of surprise knowing that nurses are probably compensated fairly well. After all, don’t you think that Las Vegas would probably be super prone to receiving drunk hospital admins on the regular? However transportation, groceries, and housing are more expensive than the national average in this extravagant western state.

7. New Jersey $75,820

nurse jobs in new jerseyThe Garden State is one of the 5 most expensive US states. Therefore, it comes to no surprise that nurses are pulling in over $75k annually working on this coastal east coast state. In places like Princeton, prices are extremely high for rent to even dinner & a movie. Cost of living is cognizant of California almost. However, the average cost of a home in this New York metro-state is far lower than the cost in Cali.

8. Washington D.C. $75,790

nurse jobs in washington d.c.The iconic American capital serves as the #8 district for average nurse earnings. However, every last penny helps in an area where a 3 bedroom, 2 bath home will run you close to $800k according to Nerd Wallet. But, hey, you never know. Working as a nurse in the capital might just open up an opportunity to treat the president. How cool of an accomplishment would that be?!

9. Connecticut $75,660

nurse jobs in connecticutCoastal cities, college towns, and picturesque little villages. Connecticut draws in the eclectic and the traditional in an exceptional blend of charm and enchantment. However, it is also one of the most expensive states to live in. For example, an income of $75k is comparable to earning $94k in a place like Florida.


10. New York $74,100

new york nurse jobs It’s no surprise nurses can take home an average high income in a state like New York considering how crazy expensive Big Apple living is. A small apartment for example could be nearly $4,000 a month and a night out for theater and dinner could run you and friend a tab of like $400. Yikes!


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