10 Super Cool Nursing Jobs You’ve Never Heard Of

When you were in school deciding which nursing speciality would suit you best, I bet you never thought that your workplace could be a rock concert, sports arena, or summer camp. However, these less common (but way cool) types of nursing jobs exist – whether you knew it or not! Check out these cool nursing jobs that you may not have even heard of!

10 Cool Nursing Jobs!

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1. Cruise Ship Nurse

Ever wish you could combine the excitement of a nautical Caribbean vacation with your day-to-day nursing career? Not possible, right? Well, you may want to grab your swim trunks and your flip flops and think again!¬†Cruise ships need nurses, too. When you’re out on the open seas, anything from minor scrapes to major heart attacks can strike people onboard. That’s why cruise ships need to keep nurses on staff!

2. Concert Nurse

At large concert venues or musical festivals, accidents are bound to happen. Large amounts of people and a lot of movement mixed with alcohol, dancing, and whatever else may happen means that there’s got to be nursing professionals on hand to take care of people who rock-out a little too hard.

3. Flight Nurse

Want your nursing career to take flight, literally? Flight nursing is a real job for healthcare professionals who truly believe the sky is the limit. These nurses can work on either airplanes or helicopters where they are trained to be there in event of an emergency during the flight. Typically, these are emergency nurses or chronic care nurses because of the nature of this job. Nurses can either get these jobs through hospitals or through the military.

4. Forensic Nurse

Ever watch those shows like CSI or Bones and wish you could help solve crimes like them? Well, you actually can if you’re in the field of forensic nursing. Not only do these professionals help treat patients, but they also “solve the case” about how crimes have been committed. But, you’ve got to have a strong stomach in this particular job because sometimes you have the task of identifying dead bodies.

5. Medical Esthetics Nurse

For nurses that grew up in the 1980s, AKA era of the best makeover montages in film history, medical esthetic nursing could be your calling in life. Medical esthetics nurses are responsible or helping patients that are undergoing procedures in the name of beauty such as chemical peels, laser hair removal, and collagen injections.

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6. Sports Nurse

In addition to onsite doctors and therapists for sports teams, they now are employing nurses as well. Nurses are now working in football, baseball, hockey, and even NASCAR. A perfect career for the medically-trained jock.

7. Camp Nurse

Do you like the idea of working in the great outdoors? If so, camp nursing might be just what you need! Whether it’s a summer camp for kids or a day camp for adults with disabilities, any camp can benefit from a nurse’s background and skill set.

8. Parish Nurse

This nursing specialty is a mix of the practice of nursing itself and the beliefs of a religious community. Not only do parish nurses encourage physical health, but they also promote spiritual health as part of a holistic health plan. Parish nurses can serve as health counselors, advocates, educators, and more.

9. Medical Script Nurse

There are tons of medical shows on T.V. these days featuring dramatic scenes in realistic hospitals. How do producers make these scenes look so authentic? Well, to achieve this, directors often consult real nurses and medical professionals to make sure the case is using the correct vocabulary, procedures, and medical equipment.

10. Cannabis Nurse

As more and more states legalize medical marijuana, there will be a high need for nurses who can educate patients on the proper medical use of cannabis to treat their conditions. Since marijuana is still illegal for the most part, cannabis nurses must also help patients to navigate these grey areas and empower their patients.

That’s a wrap! What do you think about these cool nursing jobs? If you had to choose one, which would you pick? Let us know in the comments section below!

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  1. Hi. I want to get information about becoming a cannabis nurse. I am an OBGYN Np RN since 1969 want to do something different. 3 yrs part time telehealth experience.

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