6 Unique Beach Towns for Travel Nurses

Summer is approaching, and you’re probably starting to wonder where your next destination should be. Whether you’re looking for a vacation or for a travel nurse assignment, you might want to take advantage of the warm weather and head to a beach. But, you don’t want all the crowds of tourists distracting you from your summer reads or relaxation time. Here’s a list of unique beach towns for travel nurses where you can find work nearby or just enjoy the charm and tourist-free lifestyle.

6 Unique Beach Towns for Travel Nurses

1. Matlacha, FL

Matlacha is a small town located along the southwest coast of Florida on the Gulf of Mexico. It’s a small island often described as an old Florida fishing village with small, vibrant houses that hug the shoreline. Attached to the mainland by a bridge, the island is a maze of waterways and dirt roads that are perfect for a laid-back lifestyle. While there might not be too much opportunity for travel nurse work actually on this island, Fort Myers and Cape Coral are within a 30-minute drive. Matlacha is definitely one of the unique beach towns for travel nurses with the laid-back vibe and tropical feelings of Key West, without the high costs.

2. Cayucos, CA

Cayucos is much different than many other beach towns in California. Located halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco, you’ll experience a more relaxed and unique location but still have access to major cities in central CA. The coast is surrounded by beautiful hills that separate the beaches from the rest of the state and provide a secluded feeling. There are tons of different small shops and eateries that you won’t find anywhere else, so start exploring! You also won’t have to feel the pressure of fame or looking like a model to go grab a cup of coffee. It’s a favorite town for fisherman and surfers alike.

3. Empire, MI

Located in the northwest corner of Michigan on Lake Michigan, Empire is considered more of a village than a beach town. It’s a laid-back place for those who are looking for an unspoiled beach vacation, not a party. Although it’s not a beach with an ocean, the waves are big enough that surfers still come here. And, it’s fresh water, so there’s no worrying about sharks. It’s also only a 30-minute drive to Traverse City if you’re looking to bump your energy up for the day.

4. Blue Hill, ME

Blue Hill is on the central coast of Maine and is one of the top unique beach towns for travel nurses. If you’re a creative soul searching for some scenic views, this is the place for you. The waters are a serene royal blue and perfect for some relaxation. Located less than an hour away from Bangor, and less than two hours away from Augusta, there are many places to explore. Plus, you’ll be able to indulge in some of the best lobster and seafood in the country. There’s a tiny airport that flies directly to JFK for cheap, so start planning!

5. Astoria, OR

Just a two-hour drive from Portland, you can visit one of the greatest beach destinations for travel nurses. Astoria is located just inland from the Pacific Ocean along the Columbia River. So, it’s not exactly on the beach, but it’s definitely close! If you’re looking for New England vibes on the west coast, Astoria is your next destination. With beautiful waters, cliffs, and nature, you might not want to leave. You actually might have already seen this beach town, since The Goonies was shot here in 1984.

6. Outer Banks, NC

The Outer Banks may be a popular tourist destination, but it’s a lot more relaxed than you would think. Since the many destinations are spread out throughout the chain of barrier islands off the coast, it’s likely that you won’t encounter any huge crowds – even in the summer months. There are old lighthouses, huge sand dunes, and secluded beaches to enjoy. The Outer Banks is the perfect place to unwind and hang out, but if you’re looking for something to do, you’ll never be bored.

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