Scrubs for SiCKO!

I must admit that I am not a big Michael Moore fan but when the iconoclastic filmmaker takes a major shot at the healthcare industry in his new movie, SiCKO, I think he is saying something worthwhile. Isn’t it interesting how we can compromise our broad convictions in the interest of furthering a particular cause, even if the allegiance makes us uncomfortable?

Moore has partnered with various individuals and organizations representing healthcare workers under the title of “Scrubs for SiCKO” to promote the film and the message about the inadequacies and inequities of the healthcare system, particularly the health insurance industry. The TouTube video is actually fun and nicely produced and I think that most nurses will enjoy seeing their peers showcased.

Read how the California Nurses Association is working to support the film here.

A specific story about the alliance between Michael Moore and medical professionals can be read here.

Author: Travel Nurse Source

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